Wednesday, May 16, 2018


DEPRAVED is a tale of extremities and sexual perversion as had never been seen in a novella before. 

It tells the simple tale of a school teacher that falls in love with his young pupil.  This is already forbidden love, but what follows is totally immoral and against all that is good.  There is no excuse for such behavior. 

The question is, do the human body and its lust care about such man-made rules.  If not, what will it do to overcome those limitations?

Do not let the serene and very romantic book cover fool you.

This book will surprise you on many levels, with hot, almost continuous taboo action on every page, crystal clear descriptions that leaves very little to the imagination and a very good story line.

The action in this book is so filthy, that you will feel like taking a shower every time you read it.  But, then on the other hand, it is so hot that you will want to read it over and over. 

At the end of it all you will realize that the young hero is a very lucky man.

Don't let the romantic, serene cover of this book fool you

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Other Side of the Forest

When Bakerman started out writing THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST, the intention was to write an erotic story that happens in a magical land where Satyrs, Elves, Centaurs, Dragons, etc roam around freely.

But then the muse took over and Bakerman lost all control of the story.

So now it contains magical creatures, enchanted weapons, a big stone house with its own tower and antique books, but it is not a FANTASY. 

It tells the sweet story of a handsome young man meeting two beautiful girls in the forest, where they discover their dreams are the same, but it is not a ROMANTIC STORY.

It contains the hottest sex scenes every written down, but it is not an EROTIC STORY.

It tells the story of an adventure that will leave your mind spinning.  Once read, this story will always be with you; but it is not an ADVENTURE STORY.

A FAIRY TALE…maybe it’s a fairy tale, but not one you will read to your children before they go to sleep.  It is way too hot for that.

It is all of that, but also much more.  

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST is one of those stories that has to be read from the first word right through to the last.  It is only when you read the last words that the true impact of it all will come through.

Download the book here and start reading immediately.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mother in Dystopia

In a lawless post-apocalyptic world, Duncan and his mother are fleeing before the ruthless Flesh Hunters.  So far they have been very successful in escaping as well as eliminating their pursuers.
But much more important than their desperate flight before their relentless pursuers is the irresistible sexual tension that had been developing between the two of them.

Being ready to fight at a moment’s notice, with the ever present shadow of cruel enslavement or instant death hanging over them, makes everything else seem unimportant.   
For the two of them, living this unnaturally close together, over months of surviving in the wild, made them realize what they are.  They are a man and a woman and no longer a mother and son.

On downloading this book, you will instantly be taken on a roller coaster ride of continuous action. This action includes extreme violence, combined with the hottest and most forbidden sexual action ever put onto paper.  This is not a book for the faint of heart.

Will Duncan and his mother reach the boat that will take them to safety and a new life, or will they be caught and enslaved by the ruthless Flesh Hunters?  

Most importantly what will happen when the physical and very real sexual attraction they feel for each other finally explodes?  Will they consummate it or not?

Download this book today and find out.

If you like violent action, if you like blazing hot sex, if you like fully drawn out, four dimensional characters, you WILL like this book.

Download it today for a unique reading experience.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Flesh and Blood

On a cold and cloudy day young Taylor and his aunt Kirsty start a sexual relationship not one of them could foresee. They didn't plan any of this; it simply happened out of the blue when they were both in a state of sexual depression.

But, now that it happened they find out that they like it.  To their advantage is the fact that not one of them is married.  There is thus nothing that can stop them from continuing there hot sexual affair...

...or is there? 


The problem starts when things suddenly start to come out.  Old, forgotten things. Ugly secrets.  Buried secrets that should have been brought out into the open long ago.  It comes out now and it complicates something that is already complicated in its own right.  

Will Taylor and his aunt Kirsty survive this or will they be washed away by the unstoppable tide from out of the past?

This is a love story full of passion, but also full of super-hot sexual action.  You will be led on a path you didn't even know existed in this universe.  You will find out that life is stranger than any fiction.

Or is it?

In reading Flesh and Blood you will never want to skip any of the passages. All of it is super exciting and super hot.  The story contains crystal clear descriptions of hot and very taboo sex between the older woman and her young nephew.  But it also contains dirty secrets from her past that is back to haunt her now.

YOU WILL NOT STOP READING until you’ve reached the end.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Mother's Needs

For the first time in his life, Tomás sees his mother drunk and helpless.  Seeing her like this, especially with her dress riding up and giving him a good glimpse of her underwear, sets his mind working.  Why is this happening?  Why did his mother go out to a nightclub and get drunk there.  What is missing in her life?  What gap is she trying to fill by this unbecoming behaviour?


As he ponders this, he sees that he had been neglecting his duties as a man.  He is Helga’s son, but he is also a man.  He is the man in the house.  And a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.   A man’s life is not an easy life; there are some things that you simply HAVE to do, whether you want to or not.

But he also knows that once his mother is sober and back to her old self, she would never agree to what he wants to do. 

So he has to make a plan.

This plan can lead to the greatest disaster in his life, or it can lead to the greatest and most forbidden pleasure a man can taste.  He was always one to do the right thing.  He already has two exceptional women that he is keeping very happy, one of which is his own sister.  So he is sure he will not make a mistake on this one.  Not with the careful planning he puts into it.

This is a story of discovery and realisation.
It reaches those forbidden matters one only thinks about in the darkest hours of the night, when there is no one around.  In this story, those forbidden thoughts are brought into the light and exposed.

What is wrong and what is right?  Why are some things forbidden?  Most importantly, why are those forbidden things so pleasant to do?

When reading this story, you might feel uncomfortable at times, but it is super-hot from the first word until the last.  You won’t have to skip any part as it is one continuous piece of burning-hot excitement.

Mother's Needs are now available for immediate download.  Lots of extras are included.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Brother's Hard Secret

BROTHER’S HARD SECRET is the fifth book in the SIN IN THE SUBURBS series.  In this one Tomás Cordouza - Auntie Cissy’s young lover - is the main character.

This story takes place in Tomás’s house where he lives with his mother, Helga and his sister, Ivette.


Helga is having a serious money problem now that her divorced husband is not making his monthly alimony payments anymore.  They will soon lose the house and then she and the kids will be out on the street.  She tries her best to hide this from Tomás and Ivette, while secretly looking for a solution to his problem.

But, both her children already know about the problem.  Strangely Ivette is the one that comes up with a solution.  She knows her mother will not approve, but she needs Tomás’s help in her endeavor.  If he agrees to help, he has to swear to keep it secret.

Tomás agrees to his younger sister’s plan and this is where things start getting hot and bothered like it can only happen in a Bakerman erotic story can.

This is the fifth book in the Sin in the Suburbs series

In the meantime Helga talks to a friend at work and suddenly she gets a tip on how to get out of her dire predicament.  Not something she would have done under normal circumstances, but this is not normal circumstances and she has very little choice in the matter.

From there onwards things only get hotter and hotter until it is unbearable hot.  

Do not read this book if you are a prude, because it will make you feel VERY uncomfortable.  The contents of this book are on the edge of the forbidden and not for everyone.

This story contains some of the hottest sex scenes you will ever read.  As usual, descriptions are detailed and crystal clear.  It is like watching a porn movie, only much better, as it is powered by your imagination.

This exciting book is available here. Download it today.