Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I am so sorry, Mom

I AM SO SORRY, MOM is the second book in the Bakerman’s Bite Size Erotica series.  Short stories, which are quick to read, with only the hottest action included, minus all the unnecessary fluff, which is needed in a story.  With these stories, you get immediate action and the guarantee that the action does not stop until the very last sentence.  This is true value for money.
Plus it is the high quality, exotic erotica you expect from Bakerman.

I AM SO SORRY, MOM is such a story.  Marshall During, the eighteen year old hero of this story, is on a camping trip with his family.  As he enters his tent to sleep one early morning, he suddenly climbs on top of somebody already sleeping in his bed.  There is a struggle as they both try to escape what they both imagine to be great danger, but this struggle in the dark only causes them closer together, getting entangled in the bedding.
Upon speaking out, he finds out it is his mother sleeping in his camp bed.  By that time, it is too late as her nightie is already pulled up high on her tummy and his stiff cock is already between her legs.  She always had the rule of never wearing any underwear when she is in bed, so the writing is on the wall.
They have to stop, they both know they must stop, but will they stop or do what comes naturally?  The action that follows is the hottest ever that you will get from a 3000 word short story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I had writing it.
Bakerman books are all premium approved and available at all major eBook retailers; Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBook, Smashwords, Lot's Cave, etc.

All Bakerman Erotica is legal, drugfree and of the highest quality available.  Get a Bakerman now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Teenage Train Trip

Teenage Train Trip is the first book in a series of “bite size” erotic stories.  I want them to be quick to read; consisting only of hot action and no fluff.

The first one is about cousins who go on their first train trip.  They discover that one can do hot and “erotic” things on the top bunk of the train compartment.  What makes it more exciting is the fact that both their parents are right there in the compartment with them when they decide to satisfy their lust for each other.  Their only protection is the clickaty-clack of the iron wheels on the rail lines.

Experience this adventure with our two adventurous teenagers word for word.  As always there are action on every page, with descriptions so good it is as if you are there with them in that train compartment.  This is one is quick to read and there are no heavy plots to wade through.

This book is shorter than the usual Bakerman erotica, but it is still of the exact same good quality that you came to expect from Bakerman.  More of these short-short stories are to follow.

Enjoy the story, but most importantly, enjoy life.

This book is available here.

See all my other books here.

All Bakerman books are premium approved and available from all major eBook retailers, including Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple iBooks, ScribD, Lot's Cave, etc,  It is also available for all reading device.  

Thursday, December 22, 2016


MY MOTHER, VINANTI, tells of the great love that Thakur has for his mother.  They live in the ghettoes of the city-state of Hill-River, not too far from where Beauty Did The Beast. (BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST) 

Thakur Kartini knew since he was a little boy that he loved his mother.  It was only as he grew older that he discovered that he loved his mother differently than how other boys loved their mothers.  (Or did he?)

But his mother, Vinanti, was religious and conservative and told Thakur from the beginning that she gave her body to only one man and that was his father.  And she especially had no time for a lusty little boy, who should know better.

So Thakur left it at that, because he loved her too much and there was no way that he was going to do anything against her will.  If he couldn’t have her physically, he would then have her in his dreams.

Then one afternoon he went to visit his friend Raywood Glass and saw something there that would change his life forever…

From that points onwards, the action gets hot and blasphemous.

Here is a secret coupon code that will get you 50% off the price of the book.  Just type the number EE36S in the coupon code block on the buy page.  This coupon code is only redeemable at Smashwords.  

MY MOTHER, VINANTI, is a very sweet love-story, but oh so hot, you will need to keep a bucket of ice handy while reading it.

A second bonus story is included, AUNT IRENA’S VISIT.  Aunt Irena comes to visit one morning while Jaryl’s mother is not at home.  They two of them drink coffee and have a nice chat, but then Jaryl decides to take some photos of his old auntie.  As the photo-session comes into full swing, he starts making discoveries of his aunt that fascinates him.  Things that he would never have associated with his old, very religious aunt.

So, as can be imagined, one thing leads to another and soon things become hot and sweaty.

Remember not to judge a Bakerman by its cover.  The hottest naughty things always come in plain brown or black packaging.

Available immediately

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Naughty Ideas

Is there is a story, or a plot in a story that you are looking for, but can't find anywhere?

The chances are that story has not been written.

Tell me what your idea is and I will write the story for you. 

Afterwards I will send the published book to you for FREE, no obligations.

Friday, December 16, 2016


When one reads the classic Beauty and the Beast later in your teen years, you immediately wonder if the Beast violated Beauty when she first stayed over at his castle.  Why, that old castle is the perfect setting for a number of such violations.  From taking her virginity via seduction or even force, right down to terrible torturing her in his dungeon underneath the castle.


But like all fairy tales this is not something that I want to change into something “filthy”.  So I wrote a complete different version, which takes place in the future.  2096 sounded like an as good time period as any.

In takes place in my part of the world on the Cape Flats.  But not the Flats as we know it today.  This is a dystopian world where the drug-gangs rule the area. (Ok, that is cheating, because they also rule the area today.)  The townships had all been incorporated into diverse city-states.  These city-states, ruled by various drug-gangs, fight against each other and also against the Federal Government - which would like to regain control over its territories.

The well-known streets of the townships are now called sectors.  Just like the streets, each sector is unique and created individuals unique to that sector.

And it is here that we meet Keela.  She wants to be a cyber-hacker, but in this cyber-connected world, you need a licence to operate the Internet.  Not just a licence that you buy, no this is a full degree course, which you have to take and pass.  Only after successful completion of such a course can you become a licensed cyber operator.

Her father has to borrow money in order for her to complete her cyber course and this is where the story starts.  The only way he can get the amount of money, which he needs, is to borrow it from the local drug-gang. 

The leader of the gang is called The Beast.  He got that name when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then simply murdered the leaders of the then three local gangs.  After that, he killed the deceased gang leaders’ families and their friends.  Some say he even destroyed their pets and then burned their property down, but it was never confirmed.

Of course, no one is going to retaliate against someone like that and he then combined the three gangs into one super gang, which then takes over the city-state.  He rules with an iron fist.
Keela’s father can’t afford to pay the money back and the Beast orders that Keela come work for him.  Unlike what she thought, she is relegated to be a hand servant on the floor where the Beast lives in the two hundred and two storey Terrible Three Building.

While working for the Beast on his floor, she sees very interesting things.

BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST  takes you from the dirty sectors of the city-state of Bonteberg, right up to the grand, isolated floor where the Beast lives in the impressive Terrible Three Building.  You will meet body-enhanced gangsters, the Beast himself and lots and lots of the hottest sex every described in a story.

The going gets tough right from the first sentence and it never slackens until the amazing and very satisfying ending.  There are some brutal descriptions, so sensitive readers are warned.

So download BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST and start reading.  It will immediately take you into a world, where you can only hope that you will never live in.


Download the book here and start reading now

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red Riding: In The Chicken Coop

With this one, I crossed a line I never crossed before.  After this, there are no limits and - yes - still no imagination is necessary when reading a Bakerman.
Red Riding: In the Chicken Coop was not easy to plot.  My plan was to roughly base my erotic story on the beloved fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but without besmirching this classic and timeless tale with my filthy ideas. 
So I assembled all the main features of that beautiful story.  The grandmother, the woodcutter and Red Riding Hood herself.  All of them are there.  And then I put them in a totally different environment, doing what the original characters never did. 
And, yes, the Wolf is there.  I combined him with the woodcutter …
And there is my erotic story almost exactly like I wanted it to be.  I could have made it a little more violent, but decided to leave that for a private story, which only my eyes will see. 
I wanted the sex to be smooth, almost loving with just a hint of violence that could fall down on the characters like lighting.  There is of course a horrible murder in the story, but this IS one of my dystopian, after the apocalypse, stories, so what did you expect?
I also wanted it to be “steam punkish”, but I don’t think I succeeded in that.  Hell, most of the story takes place in a hen house.  But I am sure I will succeed in doing that with future rewrites.  Such a rewrite shall, of course, be free to my readers.
This story also has a very good surprise ending, which I didn’t know myself until I arrived at the end of the story.

But for now, here is Red Riding: In the Chicken Coop, with the filthiest sex this side of Neverland.

This one breaks all the rules…


Available at your favorite eBook retailer, soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intimate Moments With Mother

Intimate Moments with Mother is one of those forbidden stories that will stay in your mind forever.
It tells the classic story of the love of a son for his mother.  Not your average love of a son for his mother; much more than that.  When his love is answered, there is one thing in his way.  His father.

Get this book now.

He wants the woman he loves all for himself.  

The thing is that they can have their illicit affair, without anyone knowing about it, but he still wants her only for himself.  He is just that sort of a person.  So now, he will have to find a way to get rid of his father, but without losing the love of his mother.  And also without hurting his father in the process.  

Not easy, but it can be done.
Will he succeed in this quest?
How will he get rid of his father without hurting anyone?
And what sudden and unexpected role does his young sister have to play in this whole saga?

This is hard hitting erotica that goes all the way and shows everything.  The situations are so hot it will burn you like fire. 

The descriptions are so real that you will feel like an observer physically in the room with the characters.  Words used in such a beautiful and unusual way, it is like a blue-movie playing in your head. Nothing is left to the imagination and you will read some of the passages over and over.
The tension and the action never stops until the mind-blowing conclusion.
The full collection of all three books are available in FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.

This is only one of the many stories you will find in the FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS collection.  There are many more.  For a full list of the stories, go here.

This book is premium approved and available at all the major eBook retailers like Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple Books, ScribD, etc.  It is also available for all possible reading devices.  Contact me by email or leave a comment if you have any problems.

Go on get it now, while you still can.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Lester Perverts His Mom

This book is so hot, that it was banned on Amazon, because it opens the secret world of
consensual incest...a perverted game only families can play.  The closer related you are, the dirtier it becomes.

It has more than two thousand downloads.  Readers can't believe its free.  Download it now and see for yourself.

Enter the secret and taboo world of consensual incest. 

He feels her hips slowly starting to move in time with his.  She not only moves it up and down to take him deeper, but also in a slight circular motion, making him even hornier than he already is.  Her movement sent electric hot sensations through his whole body, each one exploding in his head like a nuclear bomb.  This makes him lose all rationality.

All signs of logic and reason disappear now.  He pushes his rock hard cock all the way into his mother's super soft cunt, from behind.  
He starts moving in and out, hard and strong, his sensitive cock rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her inner vagina.
 There is no stopping them now.  She moves a bit awkward, but he compensates for it.
"God, Mum, it feels so good ... I am so sorry, mom, I can't help myself ... I can't stop, even if I wanted to ... I am going to fuck you today, Mum – I am so sorry...  I never planned this ... but I am going to fuck you...I'm going to fuck you so good...ah..."

The old woman is breathing hard.

Natural worrywart, Lester, suddenly changes into a total pervert that morning when he helps his mother to fasten her bra.  Something happens that not one of the two expected.  What makes it worse is that his mother is 65 years old.  But that morning they discover that age and kinship is no barrier to total perverted lust...

Enter this forbidden world with a story so good, it will make your toes curl.  Descriptions so realistic it is as if you are there.  The only thing better is doing it in the real world...

Download it now for FREE

(This book is also available at your favorite eBook retailer, except Amazon.  It is hosted by Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, Scribd and many others.  Get it now and enjoy)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mom: Doing the Unthinkable

Margo Volante, living with her twin sons, Garen and Daren, in a respectable neighborhood, where it is everybody for himself.  Respectable neighborhood?  They say that the most depraved things happen in these respectable neighborhoods.

Behind closed doors.

Today we are going to rip away all that respectability and show you all the action in a raw and unadulterated fashion.  What does respectable people do when they are behind closed doors?  Find out in MOM: DOING THE UNTHINKABLE.  All the action, uncensored and so realistic it will be as if you are in that room with Margo and her twin sons.

Here is a secret coupon code that will get you 50% off the price of the book.  Just type the number BG97A in the coupon code block on the buy page.  This coupon code is only redeemable at Smashwords.  

After reading this book, you will have many questions.  Did Margo know what was going to happen that morning and was that the reason that she arrived home dead-drunk?  Did she plan the whole thing from the start or did it all happen by chance?
Whatever you might decide, this story is hot.  It plays off in less than an hour and in only one room, but such a lot is happening that you will not stop reading until you have reached the satisfying end.
Go on, take a peek…

Download and read the book immediately here.

Bakerman's Profile

Check out my profile here, included are all my books.  Download my books and read the first 20% for free to see if you like it.

Except for Smashwords, my books are also available at Lot's Cave.  Unfortunately the material is too risky AND steamy for other eBook retailers.

Check it out if  hot erotica is your thing...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Forbidden Family Relations: The Complete Collection

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS is more than 200 000 words of pure lust and immorality.  This is the hottest, most immoral mega-book available on the Internet.  It portrays incestuous relationships between close relatives in an unnaturally, but very realistic fashion.  Definitely for adults only.

In this book, no one is spared.  From the youngest teens to the oldest grannies.  And everyone else in between.  If you are fascinated by sexual relations between people related by blood, then this is the book for you.  Mother and son.  Dad and daughter.  Grandmother and grandson.  And everyone else in between.

Download the book here.  Available Immediately

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS contains Volume One, which consists of TEN complete books.  It further includes Volume Two - completely free to you.  Volume Two contains another TWELVE complete books.  So with FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS you get TWENTY TWO complete books.  It will definitely keep you reading for a long time.  And many of the stories you will want to read over and over.

(Stories had been added in the meantime, so you now get 25 full length stories)

This book gets updated regularly, so once you buy it, the new material is yours for free, because you just download the latest version.

Here is a secret coupon code that will get you 60% off the price of the book.  Just type the number BR53H in the coupon code block on the buy page.  This coupon code is only redeemable at Smashwords.  

Human beings are always drawn to that which is forbidden to them.  The more forbidden it is, the more they want to experience it.  Like a moth always circling around the candle’s flame.

Sexual relations within a family must be the most forbidden subject on the planet and most people will never talk about it.  It is definitely not a subject to be discuss in decent company.  Sexual relations with a brother, a cousin, an aunt.  People dare not even whisper about 'relationships' like that.  

The crown of it all, of course, is sexual relations with a mother or a daughter.  That is truly breaking of the ultimate taboo.  It is unknown what happen in the darkest hours of the night?  Even in the abodes of those ‘decent people’, we mingle with.  Who knows?

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS brings our fantasies to life.  In our dreams, in our fantasies anything is possible.  FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS brings this all out into the light and shows it the way we imagine it to be, although we will never go near that flame ourselves (of course).

In FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS it is all described to perfection for you, by using only words.  The most realistic sexual descriptions you will find anywhere on the Internet.  No imagination is necessary.  This is so realistic it is as if you are there where the action is happening.  That is why you will read it over and over, because you won't believe your eyes.

The book can also be downloaded here if you use a Nook.

Super-hot situations with characters who come to life right in front of your eyes on the pages.  It is like playing a blue-movie in your head using the latest blue-ray technology.  Perfectly describe.  Only words.  Your brain will automatically form the pictures for you.  Exactly like you need it to be.

If you are a collector of erotica and pornography, then this is definitely a must for your collection.  

One day people will ask you where you were when the FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS first appeared on the Internet, so don't be caught snoozing.

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS is available at the following Internet eBook retailers
Barnes and Noble
Baker and Taylor

Make you fantasies come alive right now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Forbidden Teens: Yachting with Daddy

This story started out as a thriller.  I love to write thrillers, but because people don't buy them, I don't publish them any more.  But I still write them, between writing my erotic stories.

So this one started out as a thriller about this man and his daughter who went out to test the new yacht he was planning on buying.  They take the yacht out into the open ocean.  Then they are attacked by pirates.  And that is usually where the real action starts with the man having some special abilities and making the pirates sorry that they were ever born.

But once I had the two on the boat and out in the ocean, I suddenly saw that this was a perfect setting for an incest story between daddy and daughter.  I mean, why not?  

Writing cannot only be for fun, a writer has to eat too.

And that is where Yachting with Daddy comes from.  I turned out one of the most fun stories I ever wrote.

I really hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Available immediately.  Download the book here

Kinky Literature

If you need literature, but you want your literature to be kinky, then you must visit Kinky Literature.  Just click on the name and it will take you straight there.

At Kinky Literature you will find all the kinky erotica that you can ever read.  Including Bakerman's hottest books of course.

Don't be shy, try it now - no one will know.

Click on the link here and visit them now.

Don't forget to visit their Bakerman page here.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mega Bundle

Bakerman's Erotic Mega Bundle

Get it now:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bakerman's Super Erotic Compilation

More than 60 000 words of pure lust and sin.  This is a compilation of selections from all the erotic books I have written so far.

Bakerman's Super Erotic Compilation

Although it is only selections from my books, it is still the hottest taboo erotica ever assembled in one volume.  All divided into bite size, ALL OUT ACTION chapters.  Only those pieces with the hottest erotic action were chosen, so nothing is left to the imagination.  The connoisseur of erotica will love it.  You will not have to page around; you will read everything.

Read a sample from the book here.

Amongst others it include the hottest granny sex, the wickedest  incest, the juiciest teens, the fattest cocks and the best copulation descriptions this side of the real thing.

This books has been online for only four days and it already had 611 downloads.  Get it now.

Except for the selections, there are also two complete short stories included for your pleasure.

Really, if this book does not excite you, then you must be dead already.

Get the book here.

Read an extract here

Friday, November 18, 2016

Bakerman's Erotic Mega-Bundle

If you are a connoisseur, a lover of erotica, please prepare yourself for the event of the year.  Yes, that's right, you are about to read the BAKERMAN’S EROTIC MEGABUNDLE.

I am very excited about this book and I hope to get you as excited as well.  Not only because of the super-hot content, but also for the fact that this is the culmination of twelve months of almost unending work.  Late nights and early mornings.  Yes, I left no stone unturned to bring you the hottest and most imaginative content in erotic stories.  No pictures, no illustrations, everything is painted for you with pure words.  Nothing is left to the imagination and it is as if each scene in my stories is happening right in front of your eyes.

This super compilation includes TEN BOOKS with their complete stories.  These ten are my most downloaded books, both as free and paid versions.  It seems that readers cannot get enough of them.

Many of the stories have been revised and improved.

Amongst others, it include granny sex, consensual incest, mother-son sex, father-daughter sex, granny-grandson sex, teen sex, school sex as well as some light BDSM and spanking.  Dirty fun, exactly as you like it.

Okay, but that is not all that you get.

Available immediately.  Download it now.

Except for the TEN COMPLETE BOOKS, there are also more than THIRTY SELECTIONS FROM MY OTHER BOOKS.  These selections include only the hottest and best-described passages from these stories.  In short, no imagination is necessary, because what you read shows it all.  And I can assure you, the content is burning hot.  The only thing better than these selections will be the real thing.  (And guys, please respect your mothers and grannies, these stories are not real and is only wild fantasy.)

This is really the bargain of the century.  Many of these books sell for $3.99 and even more, so this book is real value for your money.

Not only do you get my hottest stories, THIS BOOK IS ALSO A DELUXE VERSION.  This means that navigating this book is like a dream.  Because it is so big, it has to be.  So just a click of a button or the touching of a word will get you where you want to be in this gigantic eBook.

And like all my other books, this one will continuously be upgraded and be available to you forever.  Don’t forget to keep in contact.

Truly this is the ideal book for those long and dark winter nights when there is no one around and really nothing else to do.

BAKERMAN’S EROTIC MEGABUNDLE will keep you company for many years and beyond.

Have fun and remember to...

...enjoy life.

Download the book here and start reading...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Schoolgirl Secrets

Four stories of adventures with forbidden schoolgirls.  The only thing hotter than these stories is molten lava from a live volcano.

Includes Schoolgirl Surprise, Schoolgirl Surprise Two (Schoolgirl Spanking), A Day at the Library (Vampyre Schoolgirl) and Two Schoolgirls on a Lonely Road(Schoolgirl in my car).

If you love to read about hot schoolgirls and what they do after school - and sometimes every during school hours - you will enjoy these four stories.  Short and super-hot.

Available immediately.  Download it here.

Mom's Tattoos

Remember the first erotic story you ever read?  Remember when erotica was still fun?  Mom's Tattoos will take you back there, but only on the path less travelled...the forbidden path.

Josh's parents want to divorce after almost forty years of marriage.  He asks them to first separate and reconsider.  He immediately takes his mum on a week long holiday, away from home...away from the stress.  It is on this holiday that he discovers his mum's tattoos.  These tattoos come with secrets that will blow his mind and make him see his mum in a completely different light.  The tattoos make him do things, he only thought about, but never imagined he would actually do.

This is consensual incest at its erotic best...

Available now.  Download it here.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Makro - A Hot Action Thriller

Makro, handsome, fast and crafty.  Amita, exquisitely beautiful and treacherous.
In an alternative universe, a universe almost exactly like our own, we find these two lovers.  Their love takes them straight into the heart of darkness.

One evening, Makro meets his perfect girl.  As if by magic and as if it was put out to be that way by a higher power, the two of them connect immediately.  There is no way they can prevent or deny their perfect feeling of love for each other.  However, there are problems that need to be solved, before they can start their perfect life together and get lost in their own emotional wonderland.
For a man like Makro, these problems are mere bagatelles and he attacks it immediately.
Then he discovers that he was betrayed.  Betrayal as he never experienced before in his life.  His life, his business, everything he worked for his whole life long, is ruined now.  He will never get back to where he was.  Unless…
Unless, he fights back.  His future is bleak.  He knows it is a losing battle, but he wants his love and will do anything to get it.
Will he be able to survive such a fight and will their love survive the fall out?
This story starts in the middle of the action and is continuous intrigue, mixed with super-hot love and all out action.
If you read only one action thriller this year, MAKRO should be it.

Read the first chapter for FREE here.

Download the book here

Please leave a comment.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Triple Six

Triple Six is the most decadent erotic story you will read this year.  Written in the realistic descriptive style as only Bakerman can.  You will not find any decency in this book as it is unadulterated blasphemy.  This blasphemous story is only one or two sentences away from being banned from the Internet forever.  That is why you must get it as quickly as you can.

Here is a very short summary:  Charlotte Peeke became a nun, because she felt guilty over the incestuous relationship she had with her son.  A relationship she instigated.  By becoming a nun, she could make penance for this ultimate sin they have committed.  Thus, she enters a convent and dedicates the rest of her life to her religion and doing good onto others, without expecting anything back.  

Her son, Sivan Peeke accepts this at first.  However, later a problem develops.  A problem where he urgently needs his mother back.  The story starts as he is on his way to fetch her and bring her back home.  Sivan needs his mother back in his bed and he cannot accept no as an answer.

This is where this story starts breaking all rules of decency and morality.  This story is super-hot, blasphemous and definitely not for everybody.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Echo of a Mother

A mother and a son in a lawless post-apocalyptic world.  Being hunted by ruthless Flesh Hunters. Will they be tough enough to withstand the challenge of the Flesh Hunters?  But most importantly, will they be able to withstand the hot sexual feelings that are slowly developing between them, as they move through this new, world where there are no laws and no order.

Read and find out.  Action on every page.  Read an extract here.

 Download it now.

ISBN:  9781311094353
Title: Echo Of A Mother

Author: Bakerman 

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Probably the most uncomfortable erotic story you will ever read.  But oh, so hot and absolutely wicked.

But at least it has a happy ending...or does it?

Read a long extract here

Download the book here.  Its Free

The Passenger

When Stuart are basically forced by his aunt and mother to take the old lady with him as a passenger, he prepares himself for an extra long, very boring journey.  But it suddenly changes onto the most exciting road trip he ever undertook.  Plus he gets much more than only a pleasant surprise.  Who could have known that an old woman could be this exciting.

This story contains every sin that was ever committed by man, except one.

Read an exciting extract from the book here

Download it here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Winter's Quest

Mae Woodford never liked her son's girlfriend, Winter.  She could sense that there was something wrong with Winter, something that she was hiding from the world.  But her son was too much in love to see anything wrong.  Nothing would convince him that his girlfriend was not what she pretended to be.

But Mae is a mother.  She knew it was her duty to do everything in her power to protect her son from harm.  She pondered the problem and came to the only  solution that there really was.  She would have to take out the big guns.  There was no other way.  The big guns, against which no man can hold his own for long.  But in order to do this, she would have to forget that he is her own blood son.  The steaming hot scenes which follows from there is a real page turner.

The novellette contains one red hot scene after the next filled with descriptions so realistic you will see the naked flesh and smell the sweet smells.

This novellette is a must read for the devotee of taboo erotica.

If you read only one erotic book this year, this should be it.



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Call of Granny

This novellete contains everything for the discerning reader of erotica;  juicy teen girls, very horny, fat women, hot action in the office and hot action on the beach. And most important, the soft, warm body of a very willing granny under the blankets prepared to do anything.  But this is a granny with a difference.
This is another Bakerman Novellette with hot, sweaty action on every page, but this time there is much more.  There are monsters in the sea and here we learn all about it.

A writer returns to the house where he grew up in.  Although he left many years ago, his grandmother still lives in the house.  A house that they call The Stonehouse. As he resumes his life in the place where he grew up, he makes a very unusual discovery. A discovery that shocks him right down to this little toe.  A discovery he would never have expected.   And then strange things start to happen.

There are many strange events and even stranger visitors.  Yes, even mighty Cthulhu lurks out of the inky blackness of the night into our hero's very soul.

If you are ready for an exciting journey into the unknown, this is the novellette to read tonight. Exciting action on every page.  An erotic adventure as only Bakerman can tell it.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Intimate Camping

Lane and his mother are in a roadtrip in a very luxury camper.  Lane is there to find himself and also to visit the places they frequented when he was still a child.  His mother came with him, maybe out of boredom or just to be with her son, whom she didn't see for two years.

But the two of them have a secret.  A secret they have been hiding from the world...and even maybe from themselves.

This roadtrip, this camping trip on that long forgotten beach will bring that secret to the fore in all its glory.

Read the first chapter of this hot story here.

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Review by: Jmwsr on May 03, 2016 :  
Nice story, short but sexy. The writer needs to study grammer, though.
(review of free book)
Three out of Five

Monday, May 2, 2016

Megacity Mother

This story is too strange to even describe or write a blurb for.  Let me try:

Waking up in a strange city.  A city you've never been in before.  A city that doesn't even exist.  This is already a nightmare. But the worst is still to come and you are not going to like it.

This story is on the dark side and in the middle of the twilight zone, but the sex is still good.

Read a good extract here and decide for yourself.

Buy the book here, while its still available.  It can be downloaded immediately and you can start reading.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Last Wish

Mother's Last Wish are two tales of super hot incest which are so shocking, it ought to be banned. The indecency, the utter obscenity will shock you completely out of your religion.  If you are looking for sweet romance, please move along, as you won't find it in these two stories.

In the first story a man, who has been doing it with his mother for a long time, tells his story.  He tells it right from the beginning and in the hottest way possible.  This is him and his mother's last night together.  What happens afterwards only the angels will know.

In the second story a young man has to keep his mother safe from evil aliens who are invading the Earth.  He is a genius and can do this easily.  But will he be able to keep his mother at bay when the aliens inject her with some lust envoking toxin?  Will he be able to keep his mother off his body for long enough or will he give in to lust?

Be warned; These are not your usual sweet erotica.  These are violent and in your face tales that will haunt you for a long time after reading.

Read an extract from the book here

The book is available immediately.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ultimate Book of Taboo Teen Erotica (free story to read immediately)

The hottest, most mind exploding Teen Erotica ever written.  Each story only two or three words away from being banned out of this universe.  Almost too hot to handle.

Innocent teen girl, Beautiful teen girl, Angelic teen girl.  Firm teen girl, Fit teen girl, Juicy teen girl.  Intelligent teen girl, Bubbly teen girl, Very Willing teen girl.  All of them are in this book.    Need I say more?


Twelve full length stories that you will want to read over and over.
Being a teen is both the hottest and coolest time in any person's life.  Read these stories and find out why.  More than 50 thousand words of toe curling pleasure.

Read one full story here for free.


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Twisted Incest

It is out.  Twisted Incest.

The painter, Roderick Kluger had decided that life had become too much.  He has no success as a painter and is losing everything of value.  But before he goes, he want to give the finger to world.  As he checks his email for the last time, he sees the Nigerian 419 email in his inbox.  He decides to sent his full banking and personal details to the address given.

He knows they can do nothing with it, as he will be dead by the time they react.  And then he remembers his mother...

Read an extract from the book here.

Download the book here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bakerman: Because only the Bakerman man can...

Bakerman started out writing erotic stories while still in high school. This was after reading his first erotic story. 

Being an avid reader of thrillers and horror, alla James Hadley Chase, Don Pendleton, Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy, Konsalik, Stephen King, etc... 

...he was fascinated by the kind of writing which made erotica possible. Basically a porn movie without pictures, but beautiful and thoughtful and insightful. Not easy to write, but he experimented, until it felt right. 

He gave his first effort to his harshest critics - his schoolmates. It was good when he saw smiles appearing on their faces, eyes blinking to make sure they are really seeing what they are seeing, as they read. They didn't criticize or make any comments, but they wanted more. This was a good sign. With his other stories, they just read a bit and then put it down and never asked for more. But now they wanted more and more and more. And they always wanted to take it home, to go read it there. 

"Where it's quieter." They would say. But he knew why.

And he felt good.

Yes, he still writes thrillers and horror, but after having written it, he quietly files it away on his computer...

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