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Bakerman: Because only the Bakerman man can...

Bakerman started out writing erotic stories while still in high school. This was after reading his first erotic story. 

Being an avid reader of thrillers and horror, alla James Hadley Chase, Don Pendleton, Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy, Konsalik, Stephen King, etc... 

...he was fascinated by the kind of writing which made erotica possible. Basically a porn movie without pictures, but beautiful and thoughtful and insightful. Not easy to write, but he experimented, until it felt right. 

He gave his first effort to his harshest critics - his schoolmates. It was good when he saw smiles appearing on their faces, eyes blinking to make sure they are really seeing what they are seeing, as they read. They didn't criticize or make any comments, but they wanted more. This was a good sign. With his other stories, they just read a bit and then put it down and never asked for more. But now they wanted more and more and more. And they always wanted to take it home, to go read it there. 

"Where it's quieter." They would say. But he knew why.

And he felt good.

Yes, he still writes thrillers and horror, but after having written it, he quietly files it away on his computer...

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Want to know more about this book?

Free Erotic Book: A Gate For Gran

Gran lives alone in a flat, in a very dangerous area.  Now she needs a steel gate for her flat.  Her grandson is a welder...can you see where this is going?

Her grandson is welding her a gate, but he needs to sleep over to properly complete the task.  This is where the trouble starts.  One thing leads to another and soon they are totally plugged into each other.  Gran is also not your average grandmother.  She grew up in a tough neighbourhood and this made her tough. "Hot and Steamy" only describe what Grandma and grandson did in the taxi.  There are no words to properly describe what they later did in the bathroom and in the lounge.

Consensual incest can be hot.  The closer related you are, the dirtier it becomes.  Read with caution.

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Free Taboo Story

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Family, Incest and the Law

Family, Incest, and Law
By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Robert_Baird/3663]Robert Baird

Family Values in Ancient Times:

     Many people of the present make some very grave and disturbing assumptions about prior unethical behaviour by humans. My theories may be biased and overly appreciative of a time before Empire and there is less data due to the destructive power of Empire and the hegemony to go on. However, that data is more pure and less likely to have been promoted or propagandized for the interests of power-mongers. Top scholars and those who are regarded as great academics still debate whether women ever had equal rights and some state there never were matriarchal societies of great note. It would be a surprise for me if there were not many different approaches used in various cultures and millennia before the Ice Age we just experienced and thereafter, leading up to what we call history. Much of history today has all the markings of hegemony akin to the Middle Ages according to John Ralston Saul who says it "has come to resemble the obscure and controlling scholasticism of the Middle Ages." (1)

     Could it be that ethics and moral behaviour had higher importance in the communal houses of the Kelts and North American Indians, as well as other societies throughout this awesome world? We now know it has been traversed by ancient humans who loved and played all over the place for a far longer period than we have been lead to believe even though many may not be aware of these facts. Is it possible that basic principles were easily communicated and respect was the goal of people long ago? Why even debate the point about power and money - they had little need of it. Western society still has much of the ingrained misogyny of millennia of macho Mediterranean mores and the rest of the world is far worse. What greater issue is there than incest and family violence? It rots the fabric of families and society as a whole. This quote from respected anthropologist Carlton Coon about the 'hunting societies' of prehistory sets a stage we need to appreciate and evaluate.

    "While under certain circumstances, in some societies, a young man may marry a woman past menopause, he may manage to have sexual relations with other women, and may eventually get a nubile second wife." (2)

     This seems a workable arrangement that includes education and the planning of families to avoid unnecessary abortion or mouths who aren't truly cared for, doesn't it? The older woman presumably would be able to satisfy the early sexual energy of the young man, without leading their social or tribal culture into all the problems associated with children having children such as often happens today. The young man might even develop some sexual techniques and understand his urges better than pure lustful infatuation or the need to run off to fight in order to get rape and pillage payment for some Lord or Caesar. Then when financially and emotionally prepared for parenting he might actually do a decent job. Coon was able to observe this still exists in some Neolithic societies of the present day. When the second wife arrived it might present some problems but in most cases the first wife would probably enjoy helping the new wife to understand her opportunities better. Yes, I do overstate the case, I suppose, but in the Keltic clandoms it was even better than I am suggesting.

     Kids were a resource and source of pride for the whole clan. In the dynamic of raising a child this allowed for many things to occur in a more mature environment with less emotional blackmail. That does not lessen the aspirations parents have for their children but it makes for a lot less vicarious pressure, as parents have to spend all their waking hours attending to the needs of kids; who see a way to get what they want by playing to the unrealistic parents who have yet to learn what they need to know. There are aspects of North American Indians tribes that show a similar approach to child-raising. The Stadacona Indians sent some of their children with Cartier, much as the Kelts shared educational opportunities with trading partners. Aunts and uncles do the disciplining of children among the Cree. The extended family and communal living is very clannish and even Gibbon noted there were heraldic Indian regalia that mirrored those of British heraldry.

     The Hurons and Iroquois are most like the Irish or Norse Kelts in their social structure. Crimes committed by a member of a family or clan (tribe) are paid for by the whole family. With this kind of policing or morals bureaucracy would starve for want of something to do. The compassion and behaviour modification of a family is better than that of the police or prisons, I think. The women of the Iroquois were the decision makers in most cases except the daily running of a war once it was approved. These women owned the assets or leaseholds. No one owned land just as was true in the land use laws of the Kelts which the English had to expunge along with all other just and fair culture when they finally forced Ireland under their rule. The Indians still practice Potlatch or the giving of respect and assets despite the 1920s law against it in Canada. We can all imagine the Tax collectors don't like this kind of custom. It was much more than mere taxes the government sought and the Supreme Court has ruled the government and Catholic Church were intent on the total destruction of Indian beliefs, in recent rulings.

    "In any event, the incest tabus recognized in any given hunting society bear some relationship to his choice (or to his and/or her parents' choice) of a marital partner. Of these prohibitions there are three basic and quite different incest tabus, prohibiting intercourse between father and daughter, mother and son, and brother and sister. These prohibitions are not based on instinct or the inductive experience of the genetic consequences that sometimes result {Like the idiots and haemophiliacs or sexual deviates who lead us as a result of 'noble' heritage - to war and other great heroic endeavours.}. Some individuals violate them, but if so the violations do not result in marriage.

     To a considerable extent these primary incest tabus are based on two kinds of antisocial results. Parent-child intercourse would disrupt the lines of authority between generations, lines that hold the family together. Brother-sister intercourse during adolescence would inhibit intermarriage between families, reducing their interdependence. Were a married woman to have intercourse with her brother, it would create a state of serious conflict between her husband and his brother-in-law, two kinsmen by marriage who, in certain cultures, might need each other's confidence and help." (3)

     The 'controlling scholasticism of the Middle Ages' referred to by Ralston Saul was part of the continuing effort to destroy these real family values. The marriage laws of the Kelts had to be eliminated because these laws were equitable and fair to women and children. Bastards were not ever possible in Keltic society and the idea of a single mother was totally different than it is today. Of course, the payment of mercenaries including the rape and pillage which enabled men to gradually lose all decent tabus or constructs based on the ancient means of care for each other that were part of all the systems Brotherhood developed, through common sense. The elevation of Gods from the state of hero (mere human) to Divine Rights and separate from Nature, is at the root of a lot of it. Heyerdahl thinks Odin was a Keltic king in southern Russia around the time of Christ and I find that entirely likely. When man began to say other men were unable to comprehend nature and needed an interpreter for the collective soul of humanity and all life, things began the downward drift to the hegemony that often even denies man has a soul.

     The extent of character assassination by academics that do not delve into the reasons for Caesar's propaganda or quote others who did not employ due diligence is as evident today as it ever was. The people who focus on Keltic sacrifices and trophy head customs are telling a fact but not the whole truth. What is abortion and capital punishment if not sacrificing the life of people, perhaps for a common good? Victorian prudishness developed the 'sins and demons' fear-mongering of Jehovian greed even further. In fact the Western Tradition has succeeded in the destruction of all Ancient Knowledge if you were to believe what is allowed to be disseminated through 'official' or educational channels. The Temples of Saphos and Mesopotamia joined all Mediterranean cultures in some form of forced prostitution for women, while the Biblical 'Devoted Ones' were sacrificed when the priest or his cronies were through with other obvious and disgusting uses of them. Often the orphans and waifs caused by the changing laws and racial unrest and prejudice fomented in these times, led souls to a place worse than the Hell ruled by the Catholic created Satan. The excellent book called The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer gives ample evidence from credible sources about burning Red Heads and women of all classes being forced to sell their bodies and give the money to the Temple. It may have started with Abraham (and other Ur-Story proponents with their harems) and his baby-factories but it was certainly not the way of ancient Kelts even after his time. The Indians of North America and the natives of Hawaii are ample testimony of the diversity of Keltic egalitarian approaches.

Author of Diverse Druids, Columnist for The ES Press Magazine, Guest writer at [http://www.World-Mysteries.com]World-Mysteries.com

Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Family,-Incest,-and-Law&id=57822] Family, Incest, and Law

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Some stories are so perverted...

...that it should never have been written.  The thing is forbidden fruit always tastes the best.  Follow Conway as he continue his adventures in his neighbourhood.

Here's the Blurb:  
Conway is now out to romance old Mrs Wilkin who lives down the street.

It all happened that Saturday afternoon, when he went to fix her kitchen cupboard. Mrs Wilkin was old, there was no doubt about that; but was she cold? The action gets super hot as Conway engages himselfs in territory he has no business being in and where he never did any business before. Will our hero succeed or will he be embarrassed? Remember; if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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Here's the book: 

Do you like Granny Sex?

Then this erotic book is exactly what you need.  Not only a nice story with a perfect plot, it also has some superb advice which can be used in the real world.

Here's the blurb: 

Imagine you are our hero, young Conway who suddenly finds that sex had become stale for him. Why? Because he worked through every young lady at his school and in his neighbourhood. He will have to find new territory if he don't want to die of sexual boredom. He decides that new territory must be somewhere he never explored before. Older women. And what better place is there to find older women than at an old age home.

And here our hero's adventure's begin. An adventure with many pleasant twists and turns as he learns exactly how to seduce an older woman. As he learns what makes them tick and how to relieve that tick. And at the end of all these pleasantries there is a mindblowing reward as can only be handed out by an elderly lady

Definitely a must read for anyone interested in sex between a young man and an elderly lady.

Here's an extract:  Click here

Here's the book:  

Download it now and read the story.  Its so good, you'll never want to return to the real world again.

Sex and Old Age

Sex and Old Age

Sex and Old Age
By Sharon A Bell

A Biblical passage that seeks to explain man's sinful nature reads, "For the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

That same passage may well apply to the elderly who wish to remain sexually active during their advanced years but who now have to curb that and the other pleasures of life because their bodies can no longer take it.

This does not mean that sex can no longer be enjoyed by the elderly. If the man and the woman are willing, sex is possible throughout the years and there are reports of men who have active sex lives at 90. A few males have produced children at 97 while women as old as 57 have given birth to normal kids.

Poor health may account for the gradual deterioration of the sex organs leading to impotence. After all, few people live to a ripe old age and fewer still can claim they enjoy good health in their advanced years. One pathologist, who examined more than 20,000 bodies, managed to pick out only 25 people who died "a natural death" or one that was not caused by disease.

Still, there is much truth in the saying that "practice makes perfect". Couples who continue having sex in their later years are bound to maintain their sexual fitness.

Sometimes, even if an elderly couple's enthusiasm for sex has not diminished, nature has its own way of reminding them that the body has its limits. Often, it is the male who first realizes this for women are said to withstand the onslaughts of old age better.

A study made by pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey showed that about one quarter of males is impotent by age 65, one half at 75, and three quarters at 80. Even if he remains in good health, a man's sexual activity often diminishes with old age because he will find it difficult to have an erection and he needs a longer time to rest.

In women, the changes normally associated with old age begin with the onset of menopause or the climacteric age between 45 and 50. These changes may take place abruptly or may last as long as three or four years in some women. Following the decrease in the body's estrogen levels, the tissues involved in reproduction gradually deteriorate.

Doctors, however, believe that sex is all in the mind and if a woman learns to adjust to her "change of life" and somehow prevents her genitals from deteriorating, she can have sex regardless of her age.

To enjoy sex in your later years, keep fit, eat right, and love life. That simple advice can go a long way in preserving your sex life. For extra help, take Fematril, a safe and natural female sexual enhancer that can stimulate your mind and body. For details, go to http://www.fematril.com/.

Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine [http://www.HealthLinesNews.com]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Sharon_A_Bell/116845

Elder Sex

Sex And Your Elderly Parent

Sex And Your Elderly Parent
By Jeffrey B Kent

It may come as a surprise, but as people age many of them still think about sex and many of them remain active. Lots of people find the thought of elderly people "doing it" as repulsive. Actually to think of anyone else having sex can be repulsive, not just the elderly. The fact remains, people are people, and many people like sex no matter what their age. You will read about sexuality in elderly people, how age impacts on the ability to remain active, and how the aged continue to experience it into their golden years. For many seniors sex is an important part of their overall health and this article will help caretakers understand how sexuality effects the overall well-being of their aged parent.

Many older people like sex as much as younger people, yet other seniors would rather not engage in it at all. It is a mistake to think that once people reach a certain age they no longer have an interest. Usually, people maintain about the same level of interest throughout life no matter what their age. Therefore if a person didn't care about sexuality while young chances are he or she will be uninterested late in life. On the other hand if somebody had a lot if interest in physical intimacy when he or she was young that interest often carries over into the twilight years. Sometimes health problems interfere with one's ability to have intercourse in which case it is normal to lose interest. For those who remain active, continued sexual relations can be healthy.

Sex is healthy for men. Men who have more than 2 orgasms per week have higher mortality rates, this according to an article by Patricia Bloom MD March 16, 2000. However, older people almost never have concerns about pregnancy so condoms are used less and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are becoming more frequent in the elderly according to the Center for Disease Control. Therefore the act itself can have health benefits, but as with anyone, having sex has its risks and the elderly are not immune from such risks.

When it comes to the act itself keep in mind that slower arousal rates in men and women can lead to higher anxiety when it comes to having sex. It takes a longer time for older people than for younger people. Older people experience different issues than younger people when it comes to sexual functioning. For elderly men it takes longer to get an erection, it takes longer to have an orgasm, and after an elderly man has an organism it takes longer to get a second erection, sometimes up to a week in extremely elderly men. Some men get testosterone treatments to increase libido. For elderly women they have a dryer vagina, the clitoris tends to be more sensitive, and uterine contractions with orgasm can be painful. To help with dryness issues elderly women should use a water-based lubricant rather than oil based lube because it is easier to wash up.

Some diseases cause problems with sexual performance in the elderly. Some examples of these diseases and the problems they cause are:

  • Coronary artery disease-chest pain, fear of heart attack
  • Chronic lung disease-breathlessness
  • Arthritis-difficulty with some sex positions
  • Medications-loss of libido

While diseases can and do prevent some people from having sex, not all aged people have diseases that prevent them from it.

Getting older does not mean giving up sex. Older people who want to have sex must understand it is different once they are older than when they were young. They have to slow down because it just takes longer and requires more manual stimulation. They should probably put an emphasis on foreplay due to the extra time it takes overall. As with anyone, young or old, they should communicate to one another other what the other likes. If the elderly are otherwise in good health and still want to enjoy sexual intimacy, there is no reason they can't.

Jeffrey B. Kent will give you a FREE report that outlines all the information you need to take care of your elderly parent. You will also get a FREE bonus explaining how to set up a Trust at no cost. Jeffrey B. Kent's website, http://www.helpmyelderlyparent.com/welcome/ is a free website with lots of information for you to use if you take care of your elderly parent. Jeffrey B. Kent has been taking care of his elderly father for years and he lives over 1,000 miles away. Jeffrey B. Kent is also a lawyer who helps his clients take care of their elderly parents and he can help you too. All you have to do is go over to the website and sign up for the FREE newsletter, FREE report, and FREE bonus to begin to learn how to help your elderly parent.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jeffrey_B_Kent/1161696

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Sexy Stories

Sexy Stories and Erotica - A Long History of Short Stories

Sexy Stories and Erotica - A Long History of Short Stories
By Angelicka Wallows


Billy Joel got it right: sometimes a fantasy is all you need. Better than pornography, a juicy piece of literotica brings all the power of the imagination into play. A well-chosen phrase, simply hinting at the delicious naughtiness of the sexual experience, can be a far bigger turn on than all the blatant sex videos and pictures in the world.

Sexy stories have a long and proud history dating back centuries. The 'Genji Monogatari' (Tale of Genji), often described as the world's first novel, was written in Japan in around the eighth century AD and is packed with lush and vivid eroticism. 'Rou Bou Tan' (Prayer Mat of Flesh) is another example of adult literature from ancient China. These sexy tales can be classed as the Hustler or the Playboy of their day.

Erotic literature has played an important part in the development of society because it acts as an escape valve. A sexy story is a means for escape, venting passions that would need releasing through other means. Tales of BDSM, humiliation, bondage and other risque acts provide a means of unleashing sexual tension in a totally harmless way.

Sadly, the powers that be haven't always seen the beneficial side of sexual fantasies. The classic adult novel 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' was banned for decades in many countries. Likewise, 'Sons and Lovers', also by DH Lawrence, was deemed too sexually graphic and became a forbidden text in both the UK and the USA. Ironically, the Modern Library selected it in 1999 as one of the classic novels of the 20th century.

Literotica is blossoming in the present day. In printed form, recent years have seen the emergence of adult novels such as 'Bedtime, Playtime' and 'The Velderet'. A recent search on Amazon shows around 250 sexy works that seek to further the fine tradition of writing about the exotic and erotic.

The web has spawned rich offerings of lush and lewd stories. A major trend seems to be taking established fictional characters such as Harry Potter and creating absorbing sexual and fantasy lives for them. The anonymity of the medium allows people to reveal their deepest and darkest yearnings without fear.

Yet erotica is definitely an art, and a literary genre. Some wrongly compare it to porn, but it is nothing like it. Not everyone can write erotica, and only a few manage to deliver awesome free sexy stories. There are many criteria to take into consideration, the balance, the style, the pace, the momentum...

Fantasy is from a universe that is not that easy to express in a clear and interesting manner!

A few websites are surfing on the erotica wave, such as Literotica (probably the longest established website of this genre) and Lush Stories, but there is also a little sexy stories website out there that is worth watching: My Pouty Lips

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Angelicka_Wallows/1268704

Erotica isn't a Bad Thing

Erotica Isn't a Bad Thing (But You Already Knew That)

Erotica Isn't a Bad Thing (But You Already Knew That)
By Jaison Williams

Erotica is usually identified in the same school as pornography, though it's unfair. Sure, they both have naked people. But erotica is hinting at, teasing, tantalizing- and porn couldn't be more blatant or graphic, though it's not necessarily bad. The issue comes down to a simple question: do you think the human body and/or sex is something dirty, nasty and should be hidden? If so, your mind's already made up about any nude forms, no matter the quality or the beauty, no matter erotica or porn. Somewhat surprisingly, women have historically been the main supporters of erotica, and are now the growing in numbers in the female porn industry.

A quick run-down of erotica through the ages:

  • 40,000 years ago, in a Spanish cave, the first naked images were painted. Or at least the first that we've found that date that far back. They show both men and women, and men with women. Some believe that the men-with-women designates the first pornographic image.
  • Erotic art was extremely commonplace in both Grecian and Roman homes. The walls were covered with art and tapestries, the topic of physicality was openly discussed and even the ewers and dinnerware were covered in nude images. Many were based on their mythologies, but doesn't it make you wonder how the human race survived if these images were so detrimental to children? They saw them every day, and Romans still managed to carve their place in the world.
  • The Kama Sutra might be one of the most misunderstood tomes of all intimacy times. Unlike most people seem to think, it's not a sexual-deviant's instruction book. It's a spiritual and physical guide to general fulfillment. Body and soul. While some of the sketches might seem too-detailed and others far-fetched (can anyone actually do that-?) it is not pornography. Its purpose is not self-satisfaction, but mutual gratification. And appreciation of what couples can do to improve their connection.
  • The Buncton/Winston Sheela Na Gig, which was 1,000 years old, upset someone who destroyed it for its eroticism. You can find 'before' pictures on the net, which are hardly racy. Naked, yes. Destructive to the family fabric? Hardly.
  • Lastly to be mentioned, the daring daguerreotype. As in: how dare they! What is often omitted from mention is the fact that the models from the 1850s onward were keen on being shown. It was a new medium. Looking at the postcards, they're tasteful and celebratory of the female figure. At least half of the postcards sent were from women. You could even theorize that these postcards were the first erotica/porn (depending on your interpretation) to become trans-global by both genders.
  • There's a new history being created at the moment. One-third of all porn site visitors are women, thanks to the stripping of taboos the internet has created. The hottest market is being created by women directors, actresses and producers that are doing ground-breaking work to literally please women. Not to be confused with such delicate erotic artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, who finally gave praise to the male body. It could mean that through erotica and porn women are rediscovering their sensual identities, which seems to have been stifled for much too long. Women shouldn't have to feel ashamed to embrace their sexuality visually, graphically or individually. They should be able to embrace what they like, mimicking their foremothers through the ages.

    Here are some pointers to spice up your love life [http://www.loverslovelife.com] and, subsequently, your physical relationship! Nevertheless, here are some love lectures for couples & singles to guide you through the right way to have more blissful relationships. All this and tons of other discussions, talks and advices can be found at our lovers guide [http://www.loverslawn.com].

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jaison_Williams/190699

    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Check out the Wikipedia entry on Fifty Shades of Grey here.

    Buy the book here.

    The book summed up in 22 words:  It's about a super-rich dude and a college graduate, doing the dirty deed in the most fabulous way imaginable through 356 pages.  

    Should your read Fifty Shades of Grey?

    Should You Read Fifty Shades of Grey?
    By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Sigrid_Macdonald/1365958]Sigrid Macdonald

    Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James is hot and I say that against my better judgment. In fact, my uber rich, dreamy looking lover is breathing down my neck at this moment, threatening to beat me to orgasm with a riding crop, and forcing me to write this. Just kidding. But I am serious about the fact that I didn't want to like this book.

    I expected it to be too soft or maybe too hard, too saccharine or perhaps too dark and disturbing, but it was none of these things. It was a very sensuous and interesting look at a gorgeous, rich man with a predilection for domination and his fascination with a naive 21-year-old whom he met by chance.

    Why is Fifty Shades such a hit? Is it because married women are bored with the familiarity of their sex lives and single women find theirs to be erratic and unstable? Are male readers fantasizing about tying up their female partners?

    Or is it because, at heart, North America continues to have deeply ambivalent feelings toward sex? On one hand, we use sex to sell everything from soap to magazines and, according to Forbes Magazine, pornography is a 2.5 to 4 billion-dollar business. On the other hand, we're not likely to tell our boss that we are late for work because we had a quickie with the next-door neighbor after breakfast and lost track of the time. That's not just because sex is a private issue but rather that we feel a sense of shame or discomfort talking about it. We are still imprisoned by our puritanical roots; this is particularly prominent in fundamentalist religions, which are anti-sex. And much like strict dieting causes a craving for sweets or carbohydrates, a fear, hatred, or taboo of normal sexual urges can result in either avoidance of such activity or overindulgence. So, when we see something mainstream that screams SEX, it sells.

    Also, I believe readers are drawn to both the romance in Fifty Shades-Anastasia Steele falls head over heels for Christian Grey-and the forbidden nature of the arrangement. Due to childhood abuse, abandonment, and other complicated factors, Christian is incapable of love, although we suspect that he may evolve during the trilogy. Like vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, Christian becomes the symbol for Every Alluring Yet Unattainable Man, and just as some women want to tame bad boys, others want to make the unattainable man their own.

    In addition, Christian has a fetish for BDSM and Anastasia has never tried bondage or submission. When she does, she's not sure if she likes it. This conflict-I want him, I'm falling for him, but he will never love me and he derives pleasure from hurting me-is at the crux of the book and is what makes it interesting. If both parties were committed to the dominance, submissive lifestyle, the book would be dull.

    As it is, the sex scenes are hot and the author talks about sex in a frank, unabashed, yet delicate manner. This is not pornography. It's not even soft porn. And as far as I'm concerned, it's not demeaning to women because the dominant/submissive relationship is consensual, and both genders and any orientation (i.e., straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender) could play either role. It is a highly sensual romance, even for those who have no desire to be someone's sex slave and it appears to be chick lit. I can't imagine many men wading their way through all 528 pages, but my good friend told me that couples on The Dr. Oz Show read the book together and the men were very turned on.

    It's hard to describe how a book that links climaxing with pain could arouse anything but despair in someone who is not a sadomasochist. In this respect, the book reminds me of Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Very few people sympathize with serial killers, but our darling Dexter is portrayed in such a way that you have to love him even when he is plotting to decapitate someone who fails to meet his moral standards. Thus, although many readers may have no interest in S&M, they may still find this tale titillating.

    Having said that, James indulges in a huge degree of repetition and the characters are ridiculously one-dimensional and unrealistic. This is not a literary novel. It's juvenile in many respects and I skimmed large parts, especially the sex scenes. She could have cut them in half and used more originality. Despite the fact that the book is a runaway seller, the Amazon community is divided as to whether it's worth reading at all and many reviewers hated it or found it offensive.

    But, as I said - against my will, and my better judgment, I devoured Fifty Shades, and will no doubt embark on the second book in this trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker.

    Sigrid Macdonald is the author of three books, including Be Your Own Editor, and two erotic short stories, which she wrote under the pen name Tiffanie Good. Silver Publishing just released "The Pink Triangle," a tale of friendship, lust, and betrayal. You can view her story here: http://tinyurl.com/6v65rgr

    Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Should-You-Read-Fifty-Shades-of-Grey?&id=7126549] Should You Read Fifty Shades of Grey?


    This book is about to get banned.  Check it out now, before they do.  Buy it here.

    Read an extract from the book here.

    Here's the blurb:

    Jayme and her Dad: thrown together into a violent world from which there is no escape. They are tough enough to master the violence of their surroundings. But will they be strong enough to control the lust that develops between them?

    Imagine you are Jayme and Hugo Lock; the only ones of their family who survived the sudden violence, which took control of their world. They are out on the road, travelling towards what they perceive as safety. Their whole lives long they have been father and daughter. But now they can die at any moment of the day. They suddenly realize that they are a man and a woman, alone most of the time, with no one around them. How long before they commit the ultimate sin. And as Hugo Lock will find out, his daughter is still a virgin...

    Here's a picture:

    Go check it out by clicking here.

    Erotic Books

    Erotic Books Erotic Books
    By Barbara Dahl
    The sale of erotic books is on the rise. No surprise, erotica is one genre of literature that never loses its fame. Why not, it has kept men and women awake all night for hundreds of years! This genre has survived through the years because it can be good company for everybody, regardless of whether they are having great sex or not. If you are looking for a way to rekindle the spark in your relationships as when you met the first time, you can get help from erotica.
    Reading erotic books with your partner can help both of you understand each others needs. Many erotic books dissect human psychology and what they tend to expect from their sex life. The romance and the eroticism that you learn from the book can easily be applied to your life. Though, understand that you may not be able to embrace everything. The fictitious books are imagination and not all imagination can be materialized.
    Such books are a perfect gift for your valentine. You can give your girl or guy a good erotic book as a gift that suits his or her needs. You can get books that are hardcore, soft, funny, or witty and so on. Depending on what excites your partner, you can choose the same. Hardcore books are a good choice if you are not the kind of person who is excited easily or if you want to learn some new techniques that you can use in bed. Soft books are good if you are new to the field of erotica. It might take you time to become accustomed to eroticism. If you want a twist in the scene and want to laugh your heart out, there are funny erotic books available too.
    Are you still wondering whether you should try erotic books? Are you afraid that you might become addicted to sex? This might be the case for many; however, you should know how to control yourself. Getting addicted to such book can actually be a big obstacle in your day-to-day routine. If you think about the events in the book all the time and consequently cannot take your mind off sex, then it can create havoc in your life. But it is alright to spend an hour or two at night reading or even during vacation.
    Finally, a suggestion; you need to have an erotic mind to get the best from erotic books. Yes, you need to lose yourself in bed and tell yourself that you are ready to get excited. A free mind and a conviction to be charged sexually can help you get rid of all the hustle and bustle of the day. It is time to forget all the bad things that happened or are happening to you. Give your full attention to the book itself. Also, help your partner to be tension free when its time to make love and let that electricity in you pass to him or her.
    Every relationship needs to be cultivated and tended to so that it flourishes. The same is true with romantic relationships. If you do not spend the time and energy needed to maintain a healthy sexual relationship, the relationship could end. Erotic books [http://www.barbieseroticbooks.com] can help tremendously with your sexual relationship. Not only will erotic books help to keep things interesting but can offer some valuable ideas and information that can last for many years to come. Try erotic books [http://www.barbieseroticbooks.com] right away and get working on your relationship!
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    Good Erotic Stories

    Getting Hold of Good Erotic Stories

    Getting Hold of Good Erotic Stories
    By Barbara Dahl

    Erotic stories are a sort of addiction, actually, a sweet addiction. You can get excited without having to depend on anybody. And you can enjoy it on your time and at your place. Not only for yourself, but for your partner, erotic stories can be great. Getting excited is integral to having a great time in bed with your partner and theses stories can get you physically excited. These stories have turned out to be saviors to many relationships that are on the verge of break-up. Try it yourself. You may just fall in love with it!

    Getting hold of a good erotic story is a difficult task. It is said that too much of anything is harmful and it is even more so with these stories. There are so many internet websites focusing on erotic stories that it is very easy to get lost. Therefore, while searching for such stories, you should always search for a specific theme. For instance, if you want romantic erotic stories; type that into your search engine specifically. You still may be overwhelmed by the search results but this will drastically reduce the number of search results.

    Another way to get a good erotic story is by hard copy itself. You can visit a book store and get help from the store associates. They can guide you to the book that is exactly what you are looking for. Hard copy might also be a good option if you are bogged down by continuously looking at the computer.

    Next, decide on the level of your tolerance. What I mean is, some might prefer stories with full details of the sexual encounters while others might like something left to the imagination. Similarly, many want metaphors and indirect talk about sex, and others want direct talk about sex. Before purchasing a story or book, try to read the users' comments or read the book reviews.

    Decide on the kind of sex materials that turn you on. Do you want to go by gender- same sex, heterosexual, bisexual, group sex and so on are some of the factors that you might want to consider before deciding which erotic stories will suit you best. If you are not sure what works for you, you can pick up a book that features all of the above and then narrow down what you want after you have experienced all of them.

    There are also a lot of themes available to you. For example, if you are a crime and suspense lover, you will find it all. Other themes are mystery, romance, thriller, horror, or sci-fi. This means you do not have to give up your love for these themes to focus on erotica! In fact, even if you want full-fledged erotic stories, you can still get your story in a variety of themes so that you will stay interested in erotica.

    Marriage and relationships are not always easy. In fact, a successful marriage takes a lot of work. Let erotic stories [http://www.barbieseroticbooks.com] help you and your spouse to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Erotic stories [http://www.barbieseroticbooks.com] have already helped countless couples. Let them help you too!

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    On the Incest Taboo

    The Offspring of Aeolus - On the Incest Taboo
    By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Sam_Vaknin,_Ph.D./0]Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

    Incest is not such a clear-cut matter as it has been made out to be over millennia of taboos. Many participants claim to have enjoyed the act and its physical and emotional consequences. It is often the result of seduction. In some cases, two consenting and fully informed adults are involved. Many types of relationships, which are defined as incestuous, are between genetically unrelated parties (a stepfather and a daughter), or between fictive kin or between classificatory kin (that belong to the same matriline or patriline). In certain societies (the American Indians or the Chinese) it is sufficient to carry the same family name (=to belong to the same clan) and marriage is forbidden. Some incest prohibitions relate to sexual acts - other to marriage. In some societies, incest is mandatory or prohibited, according to the social class (Bali). In others, the Royal House started a tradition of incestuous marriages, which were imitated by lower classes (Ancient Egypt). The list is long and it serves to demonstrate the diversity of this most universal taboo. Generally put, we can say that a prohibition to have sex with or marry a related person should be classified as an incest prohibition, no matter the nature of the relationship.

    Perhaps the strongest feature of incest has been hitherto downplayed: that it is, essentially, an autoerotic act. Having sex with a first-degree blood relative is like having sex with yourself. It is a Narcissistic act and like all acts Narcissistic, it involves the objectification of the partner. The incestuous Narcissist over-values and then devalues his sexual partner. He is devoid of empathy (cannot see the other's point of view or put himself in her shoes). For an in depth treatment of Narcissism and its psychosexual dimension, see: "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" and "Frequently Asked Questions" (scroll down for a complete list of FAQs).

    But incest involves more than a manifestation of a personality disorder or of a paraphilia (incest is considered by many to be a class of pedophilia). It harks back to the very nature of the family. It is closely entangled with its functions and with its contribution to the development of the individual within it.

    A family is a mechanism of allocation of genetic and materialistic wealth. Worldly goods are passed on from one generation to the next through succession, inheritance and residence. Genetic material is handed down through the sexual act. It is the mandate of the family to increase both, either by accumulating property or by exogamy (marrying outside the family). Clearly, incest prevents both. It preserves a limited genetic pool and makes an increase of material possessions through intermarriage all but impossible.

    Once allocated, the family is an efficient venue of transferring material wealth, as well as transmitting information and messages horizontally (among family members) and vertically (down the generations). A large part of the process of socialization still rides on the back of this property of the family. It is still by far the most heavyweight agent of socialization. Gender roles, for instance, are learned, emulated and assimilated mainly through the family. Incest, in itself, isolated from its social context and judgement, should not have affected this function in particular. There is no logical reason why incest should interfere with socialization, role learning or with the allocation of material resources (except, perhaps, when it comes to inheritance). Paradoxically, it is the reaction of society that transforms incest into such a disruptive phenomenon. The condemnation, the horror, the revulsion and the social sanctions distort the internal processes of the incestuous family. It is from society that the child learns that something is horribly wrong and that he should not adopt the offending parent as a role model. The formation of the Superego is stunted and it remains infantile, ideal, sadistic, perfectionist, demanding and punishing. The Ego, on the other hand, is likely to be replaced by a False Ego version, whose job it is to suffer the consequences of the socially hideous act. To sum up: social control in the case of incest is most likely to produce a Narcissist. Disempathic, exploitative and in eternal search for Narcissistic supply - the child becomes a replica of his offending parent.

    One of the main businesses of the family is to teach to its members self control, self regulation and healthy adaptation. Family members share space and resources, for instance. Siblings share the mother's emotions and attention. Similarly, the family educates its young members to master their drives and to postpone the gratification and satisfaction, which attaches to acting upon them. The incest taboo teaches children how to control their erotic drive by abstaining from ingratiating themselves with members of the opposite sex within the same family. There could be little question that incest constitutes a lack of control and impedes the proper separation of impulse (or stimulus) from the response to it. Additionally, it probably interferes with the defensive aspects of the family's existence. It is through the family that aggression is legitimately channelled, expressed and externalized. By imposing discipline and hierarchy on its members, the family is transformed into a cohesive and efficient war machine. It sucks in economic resources, social status and members of other families. It forms alliances and fights other alliances over scarce goods, tangible and intangible. This efficacy is adversely affected by incest. It is virtually impossible to maintain discipline and hierarchy in an incestuous family wherein some members assume sexual roles not normally theirs. Sex is an expression of power - emotional and physical. The members of the family involved in the incest surrender power and assume it out of the regular flow patterns that have made the family the formidable apparatus that it is. This weakens the family, both internally and externally. Internally, emotive reactions (such as jealousy of other family members) and clashing authorities and responsibilities are likely to undo the delicate unit. Externally, the family will be vulnerable to ostracism and more official forms of intervention and dismantling.

    Finally, the family is an identity endowment mechanism. It bestows identity upon its members. Internally, the members of the family derive meaning from their position in the family tree (coupled with societal expectations and maxims). Externally, through exogamy, the family absorbs other identities and develops its own. Exogamy, as often noted, allows for the creation of extended alliances. It reduces the solidarity of the nuclear, original family by extending it to "strangers". The "identity creep" of the family is in total opposition to incest. The latter even increases the solidarity and cohesiveness of the incestuous family - but at the expense of its ability to digest and absorb other identities of other family units.

    Freud said that incest provokes horror because it touches upon our forbidden, ambivalent emotions towards members of our close family. This ambivalence covers both aggression towards other members (forbidden and punishable) and (sexual) attraction to them (doubly forbidden and punishable). Others had an opposite view (Westermark) that "familiarity breeds contempt" and that the incest taboo simply reflects emotional reality rather than fight against inbred instincts.

    There is little doubt that incest has nothing to do with genetic considerations. In today's world incest does not need to result in pregnancy and the transmission of genetic material. Good contraceptives should, therefore, encourage bad, incestuous, couples. In many other life forms, inbreeding or straightforward incest is the norm (chimpanzees, to mention close relatives). Finally, incest prohibitions apply to non-genetically-related people in most countries.

    The more primitive the society, the more strict and elaborate the set of incest prohibitions and the fiercer the reactions of society to its violation. It appears that the less violent the dispute settlement methods in a given culture - the more lenient the attitude to incest. Incest seems to interfere with well-established and rigid patterns of inheritance. This interference led, in all probability, to disputes. In more primitive societies, arms were resorted to in an effort to resolve conflicts. To prevent recurrent and costly bloodshed was one of the intentions of the incest taboo.

    The incest taboo is, therefore, a cultural trait. Protective of the efficient mechanism of the family, society sought to minimize disruption to its activities and to the clear flows of authority, responsibilities, material wealth and information horizontally and vertically. Incest threatened to unravel this magnificent creation. Alarmed by the possible consequences (internal and external feuds, a rise in the level of aggression and violence) - society introduced the taboo. It came replete with physical and emotional sanctions: stigmatization, revulsion and horror, imprisonment, the demolition of the errant and socially mutant family cell. As long as societies revolve around the relegation of power, its sharing, its acquisition and dispensation - there will always exist an incest taboo. But in a different society and culture, it is conceivable not to have such a taboo. This would be either utopian or dystopian, depending on the reader.

    Sam Vaknin is the author of "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" and the editor of mental health categories in The Open Directory, Suite101, and searcheurope.com.

    His web site: http://samvak.tripod.com

    Frequently asked questions regarding narcissism: http://samvak.tripod.com/faq1.html

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder on Suite101: [http://www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/npd]

    Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?The-Offspring-of-Aeolus---On-the-Incest-Taboo&id=24745] The Offspring of Aeolus - On the Incest Taboo

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    The Incest Taboo and the Origin of Human Species

    By [http://EzineArticles.com/expert/John_Thomas_Didymus/626935]John Thomas Didymus

    The interest that anthropologists have shown in the Incest Taboo has been described as bordering on an obsession. It used to be believed that the Incest Taboo is a universal taboo. Some anthropologists have, however, successfully contested this view, pointing out that what appears universal to human societies is the avoidance of sexual relationships between very closely related individuals. It has been shown that in many cultures in which the Incest Taboo is not formally expressed, close relatives still seem to avoid sexual relationships, especially when such relatives have lived together most of their lives. Anthropologists have noted, also, that human societies tend to invest more effort in spelling out Incest Taboos with respect to what has been referred to as "fictive kin-ships."

    The Westermack effect refers to the observed tendency of closely related people, especially closely related people who have lived continuously together, to avoid sexual relationship. The Westermack effect, however, raises some fundamental questions about patterns of heterosexual pairing in pre-historic human societies.

    It is estimated that the total global population of human beings was less than 10 000 some 60 000 years ago, having witnessed a significant bottleneck. It is also generally thought that prehistoric human societies were small and scattered with many small societies living, relative to modern day standards, in almost complete isolation. It has been pointed out, by social scientists, that even as late as the 1800s, most people lived and died in the societies in which they were born and hardly ever traveled out. Many modern day rural societies are very small, with populations of just a few hundreds to a few thousands. It is thought that most prehistoric human societies were even smaller and more isolated. This raises the significant question: how did the so-called Westermack effect impact on human heterosexual behavior in prehistoric societies? If pre-historic human population sizes were very small and isolated, how did people avoid incest under the assumed compulsion of the Westermack effect?

    It is difficult to believe that the Westermack effect could have been so compelling as to prevent biologically close relatives from inbreeding in pre-historic times. Even in historic times, we find that populations that are socially, rather than physically isolated, tend to interbreed. Incestuous marriages were common among the upper classes of Ancient Egypt, for instance, especially in the royal families. These royal families were not physically isolated from the rest of the population, only social class factors isolated them sufficiently to resort to incestuous pairings. The same pattern is observed among the royal families of Europe.

    It would appear, therefore, that isolated human populations resort without compunction to what would be termed incest in the culture of larger interbreeding populations of people. We have enough reason to believe that categories of heterosexual relationships we would now term incest must have been relatively common in prehistoric societies.

    There is evidence to believe that mother-son incestuous paring had been part of the fertility magic ritual of prehistoric Paleolithic man, and that such incest was common enough to impact significantly in human evolution, especially with regard to juvenilization of the human specie. The circumstantial evidence for this conclusion is not only in the widespread myths of mother-son incestuous divine pair in early historic Mediterranean world, but also from a detailed examination of the heterosexual dualistic philosophy of fertility cults. It would appear that the intensity of inbreeding associated with incestuous cultic rites had played an important role in the stabilization of the human genetic pool.

    The writer John Thomas Didymus is the author of "Confessions of God: The Gospel According to St. John Thomas Didymus." ( [http://www.resurrectionconspiracy.com/] ). If you have found this article interesting and informative you may also want to read his article: "VAGINA DENTATA: DANGEROUS VAGINA WITH TEETH" on his blog: [http://johnthomasdidymus.blogspot.com/2010/08/vagina-dentata-dangerous-vagina-with.html]http://johnthomasdidymus.blogspot.com/2010/08/vagina-dentata-dangerous-vagina-with.html

    Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?The-Incest-Taboo-and-the-Origin-of-Human-Species&id=4298938] The Incest Taboo and the Origin of Human Species