Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do you like Granny Sex?

Then this erotic book is exactly what you need.  Not only a nice story with a perfect plot, it also has some superb advice which can be used in the real world.

Here's the blurb: 

Imagine you are our hero, young Conway who suddenly finds that sex had become stale for him. Why? Because he worked through every young lady at his school and in his neighbourhood. He will have to find new territory if he don't want to die of sexual boredom. He decides that new territory must be somewhere he never explored before. Older women. And what better place is there to find older women than at an old age home.

And here our hero's adventure's begin. An adventure with many pleasant twists and turns as he learns exactly how to seduce an older woman. As he learns what makes them tick and how to relieve that tick. And at the end of all these pleasantries there is a mindblowing reward as can only be handed out by an elderly lady

Definitely a must read for anyone interested in sex between a young man and an elderly lady.

Here's an extract:  Click here

Here's the book:  

Download it now and read the story.  Its so good, you'll never want to return to the real world again.

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