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Elder Sex

Sex And Your Elderly Parent

Sex And Your Elderly Parent
By Jeffrey B Kent

It may come as a surprise, but as people age many of them still think about sex and many of them remain active. Lots of people find the thought of elderly people "doing it" as repulsive. Actually to think of anyone else having sex can be repulsive, not just the elderly. The fact remains, people are people, and many people like sex no matter what their age. You will read about sexuality in elderly people, how age impacts on the ability to remain active, and how the aged continue to experience it into their golden years. For many seniors sex is an important part of their overall health and this article will help caretakers understand how sexuality effects the overall well-being of their aged parent.

Many older people like sex as much as younger people, yet other seniors would rather not engage in it at all. It is a mistake to think that once people reach a certain age they no longer have an interest. Usually, people maintain about the same level of interest throughout life no matter what their age. Therefore if a person didn't care about sexuality while young chances are he or she will be uninterested late in life. On the other hand if somebody had a lot if interest in physical intimacy when he or she was young that interest often carries over into the twilight years. Sometimes health problems interfere with one's ability to have intercourse in which case it is normal to lose interest. For those who remain active, continued sexual relations can be healthy.

Sex is healthy for men. Men who have more than 2 orgasms per week have higher mortality rates, this according to an article by Patricia Bloom MD March 16, 2000. However, older people almost never have concerns about pregnancy so condoms are used less and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are becoming more frequent in the elderly according to the Center for Disease Control. Therefore the act itself can have health benefits, but as with anyone, having sex has its risks and the elderly are not immune from such risks.

When it comes to the act itself keep in mind that slower arousal rates in men and women can lead to higher anxiety when it comes to having sex. It takes a longer time for older people than for younger people. Older people experience different issues than younger people when it comes to sexual functioning. For elderly men it takes longer to get an erection, it takes longer to have an orgasm, and after an elderly man has an organism it takes longer to get a second erection, sometimes up to a week in extremely elderly men. Some men get testosterone treatments to increase libido. For elderly women they have a dryer vagina, the clitoris tends to be more sensitive, and uterine contractions with orgasm can be painful. To help with dryness issues elderly women should use a water-based lubricant rather than oil based lube because it is easier to wash up.

Some diseases cause problems with sexual performance in the elderly. Some examples of these diseases and the problems they cause are:

  • Coronary artery disease-chest pain, fear of heart attack
  • Chronic lung disease-breathlessness
  • Arthritis-difficulty with some sex positions
  • Medications-loss of libido

While diseases can and do prevent some people from having sex, not all aged people have diseases that prevent them from it.

Getting older does not mean giving up sex. Older people who want to have sex must understand it is different once they are older than when they were young. They have to slow down because it just takes longer and requires more manual stimulation. They should probably put an emphasis on foreplay due to the extra time it takes overall. As with anyone, young or old, they should communicate to one another other what the other likes. If the elderly are otherwise in good health and still want to enjoy sexual intimacy, there is no reason they can't.

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