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Erotica isn't a Bad Thing

Erotica Isn't a Bad Thing (But You Already Knew That)

Erotica Isn't a Bad Thing (But You Already Knew That)
By Jaison Williams

Erotica is usually identified in the same school as pornography, though it's unfair. Sure, they both have naked people. But erotica is hinting at, teasing, tantalizing- and porn couldn't be more blatant or graphic, though it's not necessarily bad. The issue comes down to a simple question: do you think the human body and/or sex is something dirty, nasty and should be hidden? If so, your mind's already made up about any nude forms, no matter the quality or the beauty, no matter erotica or porn. Somewhat surprisingly, women have historically been the main supporters of erotica, and are now the growing in numbers in the female porn industry.

A quick run-down of erotica through the ages:

  • 40,000 years ago, in a Spanish cave, the first naked images were painted. Or at least the first that we've found that date that far back. They show both men and women, and men with women. Some believe that the men-with-women designates the first pornographic image.
  • Erotic art was extremely commonplace in both Grecian and Roman homes. The walls were covered with art and tapestries, the topic of physicality was openly discussed and even the ewers and dinnerware were covered in nude images. Many were based on their mythologies, but doesn't it make you wonder how the human race survived if these images were so detrimental to children? They saw them every day, and Romans still managed to carve their place in the world.
  • The Kama Sutra might be one of the most misunderstood tomes of all intimacy times. Unlike most people seem to think, it's not a sexual-deviant's instruction book. It's a spiritual and physical guide to general fulfillment. Body and soul. While some of the sketches might seem too-detailed and others far-fetched (can anyone actually do that-?) it is not pornography. Its purpose is not self-satisfaction, but mutual gratification. And appreciation of what couples can do to improve their connection.
  • The Buncton/Winston Sheela Na Gig, which was 1,000 years old, upset someone who destroyed it for its eroticism. You can find 'before' pictures on the net, which are hardly racy. Naked, yes. Destructive to the family fabric? Hardly.
  • Lastly to be mentioned, the daring daguerreotype. As in: how dare they! What is often omitted from mention is the fact that the models from the 1850s onward were keen on being shown. It was a new medium. Looking at the postcards, they're tasteful and celebratory of the female figure. At least half of the postcards sent were from women. You could even theorize that these postcards were the first erotica/porn (depending on your interpretation) to become trans-global by both genders.
  • There's a new history being created at the moment. One-third of all porn site visitors are women, thanks to the stripping of taboos the internet has created. The hottest market is being created by women directors, actresses and producers that are doing ground-breaking work to literally please women. Not to be confused with such delicate erotic artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, who finally gave praise to the male body. It could mean that through erotica and porn women are rediscovering their sensual identities, which seems to have been stifled for much too long. Women shouldn't have to feel ashamed to embrace their sexuality visually, graphically or individually. They should be able to embrace what they like, mimicking their foremothers through the ages.

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