Monday, March 7, 2016

Free Erotic Ebook

This books is so hot, that it was banned on Amazon. Why? Because it opens the secret world of consensual incest...a perverted game only families can play.  The closer related you are, the dirtier this game becomes.
In our residential areas, where we spent most of our time, things are happening that we don't even know is happening.  Dark things, forbidden things.  Exciting things.

With Lester Perverts his Mom you can now enter the secret and taboo world of consensual incest. One of the many things that happens around us, but are hidden.

Why would you want to know about this?

Because its something different.  It has a good story.  It is realistic.  And it might be happening as you read this.

Plus the book is free with no obligation.

Read a short extract from the book here.

Natural worrywart, Lester, suddenly changes into a total pervert that morning he helps his mother to fasten her bra.  Something happens that not one of the two expected.  What makes it worse is that his mother is 65 years old.  But that morning they discover that age and kinship is no barrier to total perverted lust...

Enter this forbidden world with a story so good, it will make your toes curl.  Descriptions so realistic it is as if you are there.  The only thing better is doing it in the real world...

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Free Ebook: Quality Erotica

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