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Sex and Old Age

Sex and Old Age

Sex and Old Age
By Sharon A Bell

A Biblical passage that seeks to explain man's sinful nature reads, "For the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

That same passage may well apply to the elderly who wish to remain sexually active during their advanced years but who now have to curb that and the other pleasures of life because their bodies can no longer take it.

This does not mean that sex can no longer be enjoyed by the elderly. If the man and the woman are willing, sex is possible throughout the years and there are reports of men who have active sex lives at 90. A few males have produced children at 97 while women as old as 57 have given birth to normal kids.

Poor health may account for the gradual deterioration of the sex organs leading to impotence. After all, few people live to a ripe old age and fewer still can claim they enjoy good health in their advanced years. One pathologist, who examined more than 20,000 bodies, managed to pick out only 25 people who died "a natural death" or one that was not caused by disease.

Still, there is much truth in the saying that "practice makes perfect". Couples who continue having sex in their later years are bound to maintain their sexual fitness.

Sometimes, even if an elderly couple's enthusiasm for sex has not diminished, nature has its own way of reminding them that the body has its limits. Often, it is the male who first realizes this for women are said to withstand the onslaughts of old age better.

A study made by pioneering sexologist Alfred Kinsey showed that about one quarter of males is impotent by age 65, one half at 75, and three quarters at 80. Even if he remains in good health, a man's sexual activity often diminishes with old age because he will find it difficult to have an erection and he needs a longer time to rest.

In women, the changes normally associated with old age begin with the onset of menopause or the climacteric age between 45 and 50. These changes may take place abruptly or may last as long as three or four years in some women. Following the decrease in the body's estrogen levels, the tissues involved in reproduction gradually deteriorate.

Doctors, however, believe that sex is all in the mind and if a woman learns to adjust to her "change of life" and somehow prevents her genitals from deteriorating, she can have sex regardless of her age.

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