Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Last Wish

Mother's Last Wish are two tales of super hot incest which are so shocking, it ought to be banned. The indecency, the utter obscenity will shock you completely out of your religion.  If you are looking for sweet romance, please move along, as you won't find it in these two stories.

In the first story a man, who has been doing it with his mother for a long time, tells his story.  He tells it right from the beginning and in the hottest way possible.  This is him and his mother's last night together.  What happens afterwards only the angels will know.

In the second story a young man has to keep his mother safe from evil aliens who are invading the Earth.  He is a genius and can do this easily.  But will he be able to keep his mother at bay when the aliens inject her with some lust envoking toxin?  Will he be able to keep his mother off his body for long enough or will he give in to lust?

Be warned; These are not your usual sweet erotica.  These are violent and in your face tales that will haunt you for a long time after reading.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ultimate Book of Taboo Teen Erotica (free story to read immediately)

The hottest, most mind exploding Teen Erotica ever written.  Each story only two or three words away from being banned out of this universe.  Almost too hot to handle.

Innocent teen girl, Beautiful teen girl, Angelic teen girl.  Firm teen girl, Fit teen girl, Juicy teen girl.  Intelligent teen girl, Bubbly teen girl, Very Willing teen girl.  All of them are in this book.    Need I say more?


Twelve full length stories that you will want to read over and over.
Being a teen is both the hottest and coolest time in any person's life.  Read these stories and find out why.  More than 50 thousand words of toe curling pleasure.

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Twisted Incest

It is out.  Twisted Incest.

The painter, Roderick Kluger had decided that life had become too much.  He has no success as a painter and is losing everything of value.  But before he goes, he want to give the finger to world.  As he checks his email for the last time, he sees the Nigerian 419 email in his inbox.  He decides to sent his full banking and personal details to the address given.

He knows they can do nothing with it, as he will be dead by the time they react.  And then he remembers his mother...

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