Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Call of Granny

This novellete contains everything for the discerning reader of erotica;  juicy teen girls, very horny, fat women, hot action in the office and hot action on the beach. And most important, the soft, warm body of a very willing granny under the blankets prepared to do anything.  But this is a granny with a difference.
This is another Bakerman Novellette with hot, sweaty action on every page, but this time there is much more.  There are monsters in the sea and here we learn all about it.

A writer returns to the house where he grew up in.  Although he left many years ago, his grandmother still lives in the house.  A house that they call The Stonehouse. As he resumes his life in the place where he grew up, he makes a very unusual discovery. A discovery that shocks him right down to this little toe.  A discovery he would never have expected.   And then strange things start to happen.

There are many strange events and even stranger visitors.  Yes, even mighty Cthulhu lurks out of the inky blackness of the night into our hero's very soul.

If you are ready for an exciting journey into the unknown, this is the novellette to read tonight. Exciting action on every page.  An erotic adventure as only Bakerman can tell it.


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