Thursday, May 12, 2016

Winter's Quest

Mae Woodford never liked her son's girlfriend, Winter.  She could sense that there was something wrong with Winter, something that she was hiding from the world.  But her son was too much in love to see anything wrong.  Nothing would convince him that his girlfriend was not what she pretended to be.

But Mae is a mother.  She knew it was her duty to do everything in her power to protect her son from harm.  She pondered the problem and came to the only  solution that there really was.  She would have to take out the big guns.  There was no other way.  The big guns, against which no man can hold his own for long.  But in order to do this, she would have to forget that he is her own blood son.  The steaming hot scenes which follows from there is a real page turner.

The novellette contains one red hot scene after the next filled with descriptions so realistic you will see the naked flesh and smell the sweet smells.

This novellette is a must read for the devotee of taboo erotica.

If you read only one erotic book this year, this should be it.



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