Friday, June 24, 2016

Makro - A Hot Action Thriller

Makro, handsome, fast and crafty.  Amita, exquisitely beautiful and treacherous.
In an alternative universe, a universe almost exactly like our own, we find these two lovers.  Their love takes them straight into the heart of darkness.

One evening, Makro meets his perfect girl.  As if by magic and as if it was put out to be that way by a higher power, the two of them connect immediately.  There is no way they can prevent or deny their perfect feeling of love for each other.  However, there are problems that need to be solved, before they can start their perfect life together and get lost in their own emotional wonderland.
For a man like Makro, these problems are mere bagatelles and he attacks it immediately.
Then he discovers that he was betrayed.  Betrayal as he never experienced before in his life.  His life, his business, everything he worked for his whole life long, is ruined now.  He will never get back to where he was.  Unless…
Unless, he fights back.  His future is bleak.  He knows it is a losing battle, but he wants his love and will do anything to get it.
Will he be able to survive such a fight and will their love survive the fall out?
This story starts in the middle of the action and is continuous intrigue, mixed with super-hot love and all out action.
If you read only one action thriller this year, MAKRO should be it.

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