Thursday, June 16, 2016

Triple Six

Triple Six is the most decadent erotic story you will read this year.  Written in the realistic descriptive style as only Bakerman can.  You will not find any decency in this book as it is unadulterated blasphemy.  This blasphemous story is only one or two sentences away from being banned from the Internet forever.  That is why you must get it as quickly as you can.

Here is a very short summary:  Charlotte Peeke became a nun, because she felt guilty over the incestuous relationship she had with her son.  A relationship she instigated.  By becoming a nun, she could make penance for this ultimate sin they have committed.  Thus, she enters a convent and dedicates the rest of her life to her religion and doing good onto others, without expecting anything back.  

Her son, Sivan Peeke accepts this at first.  However, later a problem develops.  A problem where he urgently needs his mother back.  The story starts as he is on his way to fetch her and bring her back home.  Sivan needs his mother back in his bed and he cannot accept no as an answer.

This is where this story starts breaking all rules of decency and morality.  This story is super-hot, blasphemous and definitely not for everybody.

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