Monday, November 28, 2016

Forbidden Family Relations: The Complete Collection

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS is more than 200 000 words of pure lust and immorality.  This is the hottest, most immoral mega-book available on the Internet.  It portrays incestuous relationships between close relatives in an unnaturally, but very realistic fashion.  Definitely for adults only.

In this book, no one is spared.  From the youngest teens to the oldest grannies.  And everyone else in between.  If you are fascinated by sexual relations between people related by blood, then this is the book for you.  Mother and son.  Dad and daughter.  Grandmother and grandson.  And everyone else in between.

Download the book here.  Available Immediately

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS contains Volume One, which consists of TEN complete books.  It further includes Volume Two - completely free to you.  Volume Two contains another TWELVE complete books.  So with FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS you get TWENTY TWO complete books.  It will definitely keep you reading for a long time.  And many of the stories you will want to read over and over.

(Stories had been added in the meantime, so you now get 25 full length stories)

This book gets updated regularly, so once you buy it, the new material is yours for free, because you just download the latest version.

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Human beings are always drawn to that which is forbidden to them.  The more forbidden it is, the more they want to experience it.  Like a moth always circling around the candle’s flame.

Sexual relations within a family must be the most forbidden subject on the planet and most people will never talk about it.  It is definitely not a subject to be discuss in decent company.  Sexual relations with a brother, a cousin, an aunt.  People dare not even whisper about 'relationships' like that.  

The crown of it all, of course, is sexual relations with a mother or a daughter.  That is truly breaking of the ultimate taboo.  It is unknown what happen in the darkest hours of the night?  Even in the abodes of those ‘decent people’, we mingle with.  Who knows?

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS brings our fantasies to life.  In our dreams, in our fantasies anything is possible.  FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS brings this all out into the light and shows it the way we imagine it to be, although we will never go near that flame ourselves (of course).

In FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS it is all described to perfection for you, by using only words.  The most realistic sexual descriptions you will find anywhere on the Internet.  No imagination is necessary.  This is so realistic it is as if you are there where the action is happening.  That is why you will read it over and over, because you won't believe your eyes.

The book can also be downloaded here if you use a Nook.

Super-hot situations with characters who come to life right in front of your eyes on the pages.  It is like playing a blue-movie in your head using the latest blue-ray technology.  Perfectly describe.  Only words.  Your brain will automatically form the pictures for you.  Exactly like you need it to be.

If you are a collector of erotica and pornography, then this is definitely a must for your collection.  

One day people will ask you where you were when the FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS first appeared on the Internet, so don't be caught snoozing.

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS is available at the following Internet eBook retailers
Barnes and Noble
Baker and Taylor

Make you fantasies come alive right now.

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