Friday, December 16, 2016


When one reads the classic Beauty and the Beast later in your teen years, you immediately wonder if the Beast violated Beauty when she first stayed over at his castle.  Why, that old castle is the perfect setting for a number of such violations.  From taking her virginity via seduction or even force, right down to terrible torturing her in his dungeon underneath the castle.


But like all fairy tales this is not something that I want to change into something “filthy”.  So I wrote a complete different version, which takes place in the future.  2096 sounded like an as good time period as any.

In takes place in my part of the world on the Cape Flats.  But not the Flats as we know it today.  This is a dystopian world where the drug-gangs rule the area. (Ok, that is cheating, because they also rule the area today.)  The townships had all been incorporated into diverse city-states.  These city-states, ruled by various drug-gangs, fight against each other and also against the Federal Government - which would like to regain control over its territories.

The well-known streets of the townships are now called sectors.  Just like the streets, each sector is unique and created individuals unique to that sector.

And it is here that we meet Keela.  She wants to be a cyber-hacker, but in this cyber-connected world, you need a licence to operate the Internet.  Not just a licence that you buy, no this is a full degree course, which you have to take and pass.  Only after successful completion of such a course can you become a licensed cyber operator.

Her father has to borrow money in order for her to complete her cyber course and this is where the story starts.  The only way he can get the amount of money, which he needs, is to borrow it from the local drug-gang. 

The leader of the gang is called The Beast.  He got that name when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then simply murdered the leaders of the then three local gangs.  After that, he killed the deceased gang leaders’ families and their friends.  Some say he even destroyed their pets and then burned their property down, but it was never confirmed.

Of course, no one is going to retaliate against someone like that and he then combined the three gangs into one super gang, which then takes over the city-state.  He rules with an iron fist.
Keela’s father can’t afford to pay the money back and the Beast orders that Keela come work for him.  Unlike what she thought, she is relegated to be a hand servant on the floor where the Beast lives in the two hundred and two storey Terrible Three Building.

While working for the Beast on his floor, she sees very interesting things.

BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST  takes you from the dirty sectors of the city-state of Bonteberg, right up to the grand, isolated floor where the Beast lives in the impressive Terrible Three Building.  You will meet body-enhanced gangsters, the Beast himself and lots and lots of the hottest sex every described in a story.

The going gets tough right from the first sentence and it never slackens until the amazing and very satisfying ending.  There are some brutal descriptions, so sensitive readers are warned.

So download BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST and start reading.  It will immediately take you into a world, where you can only hope that you will never live in.


Download the book here and start reading now

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