Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I am so sorry, Mom

I AM SO SORRY, MOM is the second book in the Bakerman’s Bite Size Erotica series.  Short stories, which are quick to read, with only the hottest action included, minus all the unnecessary fluff, which is needed in a story.  With these stories, you get immediate action and the guarantee that the action does not stop until the very last sentence.  This is true value for money.
Plus it is the high quality, exotic erotica you expect from Bakerman.

I AM SO SORRY, MOM is such a story.  Marshall During, the eighteen year old hero of this story, is on a camping trip with his family.  As he enters his tent to sleep one early morning, he suddenly climbs on top of somebody already sleeping in his bed.  There is a struggle as they both try to escape what they both imagine to be great danger, but this struggle in the dark only causes them closer together, getting entangled in the bedding.
Upon speaking out, he finds out it is his mother sleeping in his camp bed.  By that time, it is too late as her nightie is already pulled up high on her tummy and his stiff cock is already between her legs.  She always had the rule of never wearing any underwear when she is in bed, so the writing is on the wall.
They have to stop, they both know they must stop, but will they stop or do what comes naturally?  The action that follows is the hottest ever that you will get from a 3000 word short story.
I hope you have as much fun reading this story as I had writing it.
Bakerman books are all premium approved and available at all major eBook retailers; Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBook, Smashwords, Lot's Cave, etc.

All Bakerman Erotica is legal, drugfree and of the highest quality available.  Get a Bakerman now.

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