Sunday, December 11, 2016

Intimate Moments With Mother

Intimate Moments with Mother is one of those forbidden stories that will stay in your mind forever.
It tells the classic story of the love of a son for his mother.  Not your average love of a son for his mother; much more than that.  When his love is answered, there is one thing in his way.  His father.

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He wants the woman he loves all for himself.  

The thing is that they can have their illicit affair, without anyone knowing about it, but he still wants her only for himself.  He is just that sort of a person.  So now, he will have to find a way to get rid of his father, but without losing the love of his mother.  And also without hurting his father in the process.  

Not easy, but it can be done.
Will he succeed in this quest?
How will he get rid of his father without hurting anyone?
And what sudden and unexpected role does his young sister have to play in this whole saga?

This is hard hitting erotica that goes all the way and shows everything.  The situations are so hot it will burn you like fire. 

The descriptions are so real that you will feel like an observer physically in the room with the characters.  Words used in such a beautiful and unusual way, it is like a blue-movie playing in your head. Nothing is left to the imagination and you will read some of the passages over and over.
The tension and the action never stops until the mind-blowing conclusion.
The full collection of all three books are available in FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.

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