Thursday, December 22, 2016


MY MOTHER, VINANTI, tells of the great love that Thakur has for his mother.  They live in the ghettoes of the city-state of Hill-River, not too far from where Beauty Did The Beast. (BEAUTY DOES THE BEAST) 

Thakur Kartini knew since he was a little boy that he loved his mother.  It was only as he grew older that he discovered that he loved his mother differently than how other boys loved their mothers.  (Or did he?)

But his mother, Vinanti, was religious and conservative and told Thakur from the beginning that she gave her body to only one man and that was his father.  And she especially had no time for a lusty little boy, who should know better.

So Thakur left it at that, because he loved her too much and there was no way that he was going to do anything against her will.  If he couldn’t have her physically, he would then have her in his dreams.

Then one afternoon he went to visit his friend Raywood Glass and saw something there that would change his life forever…

From that points onwards, the action gets hot and blasphemous.

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MY MOTHER, VINANTI, is a very sweet love-story, but oh so hot, you will need to keep a bucket of ice handy while reading it.

A second bonus story is included, AUNT IRENA’S VISIT.  Aunt Irena comes to visit one morning while Jaryl’s mother is not at home.  They two of them drink coffee and have a nice chat, but then Jaryl decides to take some photos of his old auntie.  As the photo-session comes into full swing, he starts making discoveries of his aunt that fascinates him.  Things that he would never have associated with his old, very religious aunt.

So, as can be imagined, one thing leads to another and soon things become hot and sweaty.

Remember not to judge a Bakerman by its cover.  The hottest naughty things always come in plain brown or black packaging.

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