Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Red Riding: In The Chicken Coop

With this one, I crossed a line I never crossed before.  After this, there are no limits and - yes - still no imagination is necessary when reading a Bakerman.
Red Riding: In the Chicken Coop was not easy to plot.  My plan was to roughly base my erotic story on the beloved fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but without besmirching this classic and timeless tale with my filthy ideas. 
So I assembled all the main features of that beautiful story.  The grandmother, the woodcutter and Red Riding Hood herself.  All of them are there.  And then I put them in a totally different environment, doing what the original characters never did. 
And, yes, the Wolf is there.  I combined him with the woodcutter …
And there is my erotic story almost exactly like I wanted it to be.  I could have made it a little more violent, but decided to leave that for a private story, which only my eyes will see. 
I wanted the sex to be smooth, almost loving with just a hint of violence that could fall down on the characters like lighting.  There is of course a horrible murder in the story, but this IS one of my dystopian, after the apocalypse, stories, so what did you expect?
I also wanted it to be “steam punkish”, but I don’t think I succeeded in that.  Hell, most of the story takes place in a hen house.  But I am sure I will succeed in doing that with future rewrites.  Such a rewrite shall, of course, be free to my readers.
This story also has a very good surprise ending, which I didn’t know myself until I arrived at the end of the story.

But for now, here is Red Riding: In the Chicken Coop, with the filthiest sex this side of Neverland.

This one breaks all the rules…


Available at your favorite eBook retailer, soon.

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