Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Teenage Train Trip

Teenage Train Trip is the first book in a series of “bite size” erotic stories.  I want them to be quick to read; consisting only of hot action and no fluff.

The first one is about cousins who go on their first train trip.  They discover that one can do hot and “erotic” things on the top bunk of the train compartment.  What makes it more exciting is the fact that both their parents are right there in the compartment with them when they decide to satisfy their lust for each other.  Their only protection is the clickaty-clack of the iron wheels on the rail lines.

Experience this adventure with our two adventurous teenagers word for word.  As always there are action on every page, with descriptions so good it is as if you are there with them in that train compartment.  This is one is quick to read and there are no heavy plots to wade through.

This book is shorter than the usual Bakerman erotica, but it is still of the exact same good quality that you came to expect from Bakerman.  More of these short-short stories are to follow.

Enjoy the story, but most importantly, enjoy life.

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