Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mother And Me

The sexual adventures of our teen hero, Thorn Maestro continues in MOTHER AND ME. 
In the last book, Thorn discovered that his middle age lover, Corinne, was only sleeping with him, because she was “marinating” his cock and balls for a special sacrifice in a satanic ritual.  Definitely not something for sweet dreams and Thorn immediately stopped seeing her.
But since Corinne was his first real lover and since they had the best sex he ever had in his young life, he now discovered that he had a fetish for older woman.  He found that he could only be sexually satisfied by a woman who is much older than him.

This was a problem on multiple levels.
Where would he find such an older woman who would sleep with him?  Amongst the aunts and other older ladies he knew there were no such candidates.  He was certain that not one of them would sleep with him in a million years.  They were decent and mostly married ladies.
But every problem has a solution.
There was an older woman who was the perfect candidate.  An older woman who had her own house, was not married and he was sure didn't have sex for more than ten years.  She was the one and he was sure with some legwork he would be able to get into her pants.
There was one problem, though.
This older woman was his own mother.
At first, he felt uncomfortable at that thought, but the more he pondered it, the more he wanted to do it.

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So now, he had to convince his mother, a sixty year old, very decent, very strict, very conservative woman to do the dirty deed with him.
Will he succeed in his quest?

MOTHER AND ME is the hottest incest story you will read this year.  It is all out action.  Action that never lets up for even one second.  This is not one of those books you will read one chapter today and then another chapter tomorrow – you will finish it in one sitting.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corinne 2: True Colors

In the first book, CORINNE, we meet Thorn Maestro, a teenage schoolboy, who is fascinated by an older woman he sees on the bus every day.  As he watches her daily, he builds teenage fantasies around her in his mind.  He is an avid artists and he draws comics about the two of them in a sexual relationship.  One day, though, he hears her telling a friend that she needs someone to maintain her garden.  Thorn volunteers and very soon the two of them are in bed together having the hottest sex imaginable.

For Thorn, this is a dream come true.  He never even knew that middle-aged women did the things that Corinne does.  He is madly in love.  She is as old as his mother, but he simply does not care.

But never can there be something good, without there being a shadow somewhere in the background.  Thorn now wants to know why she decided on him as her lover.  After he asked her many times she tells him the reason.  He now regrets asking, because her answer created a problem, where there was no problem before.

CORINNE 2: TRUE COLORS brings the conclusion to the story.

CORINNE 2: TRUE COLORS is erotica on a higher level.  It is an unusual story but not any less hot.  As a matter of fact, it is blazingly hot and you will have to keep a fan handy while reading it.

The story of Corinne Grunfeld ends here (as far as we know) but the story of Thorn continues in the next book in the series, MOM AND ME.

Enjoy the story and don’t forget to let me know.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Whatever happens in our suburbs, usually stays in the suburb.  Especially in our Cape Flats suburbs and townships where nothing is ever as it seems to be.  That gentle, but very rich shop owner could be the biggest and baddest gangster and you would never know it.  He could even be your neighbor living next door for years. 
But there are secrets even more intriguing than that. 
Secrets on a much more personal and perverted level.
Meet our young hero, Thorn Maestro, a teen schoolboy.  Thorn reluctantly has to travel by bus every day to attend a school in a neighbouring suburb.  He hates this, because there is a high school walking distance from where he lives in his own neighbourhood, where all his friends are.  But his mother insists that he must attend the other school, which she believes will have a better influence on him.
“I brought you up this far.  The only thing left of my task, is to see that you get a decent education.  Once that is done, you are on your own and can do as you like.”  She always told him.  “Until that time you will do as I tell you.”
There were several adventures on those daily bus-rides and he even met some very nice girls on the bus. 
But then she appeared. 

The older woman. 
Never before did he notice an older woman on a sexual level, but suddenly he was falling in love with her.  The more he saw her on the bus, the more he liked her.
And before he knew it they were a couple having the hottest sex of his young life.  And this is only where our story starts, dear reader.
It starts out quite ordinary, but the deeper you go into it, the more you discover and the more the heat is turned up.

Corinne is an erotic book unlike any other erotic book you read before:

I must admit, that I couldn’t believe it myself, whilst writing this book.  My muse took over by chapter two and from then on, the story basically wrote itself, I just needed to press the keys on the keyboard.  The more I wrote it, the more surreal it got.   
It becomes weirder and weirder until the incredible conclusion hit you like a nuclear bomb right between the eyes.
It is guaranteed that you will enjoy every word of this book.  It is not only the hottest erotica, available; it is also real life, right there on the pages in front of you.
This story is divided up into two books, with the second book coming out soon.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hottest Erotic Books

FORBIDDEN FAMILY RELATIONS is more than 200 000 words of pure lust and immorality. This is the hottest, most immoral mega-book available on the Internet.  It portrays that special relationships between close relatives in an unnaturally realistic fashion.  Definitely for adults only.
In this book, no one is spared.  From the youngest teens to the oldest grannies.  And everyone else in between.  If you are fascinated by sexual relations between people related by blood, then this is the book for you.  Mother and son.  Dad and daughter.  Grandmother and grandson.  And everyone else in between.

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The Ultimate Mom Taboo is a book filled with stories of that special love between mothers and sons.  You know that special love that we are not allowed to talkiabout.  This is more than 70 000 words of the ultimate taboo act.

BAKERMAN'S SUPER EROTIC COMPILATION is over 61 000 words of pure lust and sin.  This is a compilation of selections from ALL the erotic books I have written in 2016.
Although it is only selections from my books, it is still the hottest taboo erotica ever assembled in one volume.  All divided into bite size, ALL OUT ACTION chapters.  Only those pieces with the hottest erotic action were chosen, so nothing is left to the imagination.  You will not have to page around; you will read everything.

BAKERMAN’S EROTIC MEGABUNDLE is the book for the connoisseur, the lover of erotica.
I am very excited about this book and I hope to get you as excited as well.  Not only because of the super-hot content, but also for the fact that this is the culmination of twelve months of almost unending work.  Late nights and early mornings.  Yes, I left no stone unturned to bring you the hottest and most imaginative content in erotic stories.  No pictures, no illustrations, only pure words to bring the unimaginable to vivid life right in front of your eyes
Nothing is left to the imagination and you feel as if you are there.
This super compilation includes TEN BOOKS with their complete stories.  These ten are my most downloaded books, both as free and paid versions.  It seems that readers cannot get enough of them.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Ultimate Mom Taboo

The Ultimate Mom Taboo has just been updated.  All readers who bought this book already can just download the new updated version here.

The Ultimate Mom Taboo.  This is a book filled with stories that will make your toes curl with pleasure.  Once you started reading, you will not want to stop until the end.  In addition to that, the book is yours forever and ever and you can read it again and again. Each time you re-read it, you will find something you missed the last time.  

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Remember: The closer related the characters are, the dirtier the story becomes.  And no one is closer related than your mother.  

The Ultimate Mom Taboo has now been updated with brand new material.  A bonus story is included to give you even more value for money.

The Ultimate Mom Taboo is a compilation of the following books:

Mother’s Last Wish:  This story is super-hot, but it will make you think at the same time. This is the ultimate in incest erotica and will be read for generations to come.

Hiding Mom:  Lots of incest mixed in with a little bit of science fiction and fantasy.  Earth is invaded by evil aliens, but our hero has a perfect hiding place for him and his mom.

Lester Takes His Mom On An Outing - The most sinful story in existence.  This book and its sister book has been banned on almost all eBook sites. So hot, you WILL burn.

Mom: A Tender Love Story - The forbidden love between a mother and her son as only Bakerman can tell it.

Mom: A Complicated Love Affair - its already bad doing the dirty deed with your mom, but what if your sis also wants in?  Will you have enough energy for the task at hand? Descriptions so vivid, you will wish you had three hands

Winter’s Quest – This is the ultimate erotic-incest novelette.  Winter’s Quest is one of the most downloaded books in the Bakerman stable and alone is worth the price of the whole compilation. 

Nana - Your granny.  She was a woman long before she became a granny.  Today, she still has her womanly needs.  Now imagine it is up to you to satisfy those needs.  Will you be man for the task?

A Gate For Gran.  One of Bakerman’s most downloaded incest stories.  Gran is not your ordinary grandmother and she hides some ugly secrets.  The townships of the Cape Flats are not for the faint of heart.

Unwilling Mother.  Extracts from letters Bakerman receives from his readers.  Might be true or it might be fiction; we will never know.  It is still as hot as hell.

Bonus story: Twisted Incest: Bryce Mane is going to commit suicide tonight.  But before he does; there is something that he always wanted to do, but were too scared.  Now that there is nothing left but death, he decides to do it.  This is probably the hottest incest story you will read this year.

These are the hottest incest stories on the market.  Get the book now and start reading.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


This story started out as a weird dream I had one morning.  I think reading AD2000 late at night caused this, but we will never know. 
My writing mind automatically went into overdrive.  This dream had a perfect plot for a thriller-fantasy.  (Remember, I am actually a writer of fantasy,  thrillers and horror, but I write erotica, because I have many readers and people buy my erotica in huge numbers.)
The premise was; what if you are the last man on earth.  It can be after a disastrous war, or other calamity that wiped out all life, except a few.  AND you are the LAST MAN ON EARTH.  There are human female survivors, BUT the problem is, they are people who you are not legally allowed to have sex with, like your daughters, your mother, grandmother, etc.
As fantasy or a thriller, this would automatically make a fantastic plot.  The hero has to find a female he is legally allowed to have sex with and to complicate things she is not interested in him and he has to complete some quests to impress her.
But for an erotic story, this is the works.  Here you can make all your weird fantasies come true – one can almost say in a legal way.  (How did Adam’s sons procreate if their family was the only family on earth and the only human females were their sisters and their mother?)

Talking of Adam and Co. this also made me think; what if this happened  before.  We have a man, who is the only male left in the world with his daughters.  What if this exact thing happened before?  And if you look carefully, there is actually a story like that in the Bible.
Lot and his daughters. 
What if Lot and his daughters believed, after the destruction of Sodom, that they were the only people left in the world? 
In addition to that, there are also the written material of Zechariah Sitsen.  According to him, the ancient peoples were technologically more advanced than us, but their society was destroyed by jealous aliens.
Then I combined all of this and suddenly I had a very interesting story.
And that is where DAUGHTERS come from.
An erotic story that is not only super-hot with beautiful, very fit characters, but also one that will give you some food for thought.

Read the complete first chapter here and let me know what you think.

The book is available for immediate download here.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


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Happy New Year

A very happy and prosperous new year to all my readers.  I really hope you become fans in 2017.

2017 is going to be a great year for all of us.  On this blog there will be more stories and even greater erotica than in 2016.  I am already working on my new book.

Keep on reading and feel free to let me know what you think.

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