Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corinne 2: True Colors

In the first book, CORINNE, we meet Thorn Maestro, a teenage schoolboy, who is fascinated by an older woman he sees on the bus every day.  As he watches her daily, he builds teenage fantasies around her in his mind.  He is an avid artists and he draws comics about the two of them in a sexual relationship.  One day, though, he hears her telling a friend that she needs someone to maintain her garden.  Thorn volunteers and very soon the two of them are in bed together having the hottest sex imaginable.

For Thorn, this is a dream come true.  He never even knew that middle-aged women did the things that Corinne does.  He is madly in love.  She is as old as his mother, but he simply does not care.

But never can there be something good, without there being a shadow somewhere in the background.  Thorn now wants to know why she decided on him as her lover.  After he asked her many times she tells him the reason.  He now regrets asking, because her answer created a problem, where there was no problem before.

CORINNE 2: TRUE COLORS brings the conclusion to the story.

CORINNE 2: TRUE COLORS is erotica on a higher level.  It is an unusual story but not any less hot.  As a matter of fact, it is blazingly hot and you will have to keep a fan handy while reading it.

The story of Corinne Grunfeld ends here (as far as we know) but the story of Thorn continues in the next book in the series, MOM AND ME.

Enjoy the story and don’t forget to let me know.

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