Sunday, January 15, 2017


Whatever happens in our suburbs, usually stays in the suburb.  Especially in our Cape Flats suburbs and townships where nothing is ever as it seems to be.  That gentle, but very rich shop owner could be the biggest and baddest gangster and you would never know it.  He could even be your neighbor living next door for years. 
But there are secrets even more intriguing than that. 
Secrets on a much more personal and perverted level.
Meet our young hero, Thorn Maestro, a teen schoolboy.  Thorn reluctantly has to travel by bus every day to attend a school in a neighbouring suburb.  He hates this, because there is a high school walking distance from where he lives in his own neighbourhood, where all his friends are.  But his mother insists that he must attend the other school, which she believes will have a better influence on him.
“I brought you up this far.  The only thing left of my task, is to see that you get a decent education.  Once that is done, you are on your own and can do as you like.”  She always told him.  “Until that time you will do as I tell you.”
There were several adventures on those daily bus-rides and he even met some very nice girls on the bus. 
But then she appeared. 

The older woman. 
Never before did he notice an older woman on a sexual level, but suddenly he was falling in love with her.  The more he saw her on the bus, the more he liked her.
And before he knew it they were a couple having the hottest sex of his young life.  And this is only where our story starts, dear reader.
It starts out quite ordinary, but the deeper you go into it, the more you discover and the more the heat is turned up.

Corinne is an erotic book unlike any other erotic book you read before:

I must admit, that I couldn’t believe it myself, whilst writing this book.  My muse took over by chapter two and from then on, the story basically wrote itself, I just needed to press the keys on the keyboard.  The more I wrote it, the more surreal it got.   
It becomes weirder and weirder until the incredible conclusion hit you like a nuclear bomb right between the eyes.
It is guaranteed that you will enjoy every word of this book.  It is not only the hottest erotica, available; it is also real life, right there on the pages in front of you.
This story is divided up into two books, with the second book coming out soon.

Read 20% of the book for free.  

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