Sunday, January 8, 2017


This story started out as a weird dream I had one morning.  I think reading AD2000 late at night caused this, but we will never know. 
My writing mind automatically went into overdrive.  This dream had a perfect plot for a thriller-fantasy.  (Remember, I am actually a writer of fantasy,  thrillers and horror, but I write erotica, because I have many readers and people buy my erotica in huge numbers.)
The premise was; what if you are the last man on earth.  It can be after a disastrous war, or other calamity that wiped out all life, except a few.  AND you are the LAST MAN ON EARTH.  There are human female survivors, BUT the problem is, they are people who you are not legally allowed to have sex with, like your daughters, your mother, grandmother, etc.
As fantasy or a thriller, this would automatically make a fantastic plot.  The hero has to find a female he is legally allowed to have sex with and to complicate things she is not interested in him and he has to complete some quests to impress her.
But for an erotic story, this is the works.  Here you can make all your weird fantasies come true – one can almost say in a legal way.  (How did Adam’s sons procreate if their family was the only family on earth and the only human females were their sisters and their mother?)

Talking of Adam and Co. this also made me think; what if this happened  before.  We have a man, who is the only male left in the world with his daughters.  What if this exact thing happened before?  And if you look carefully, there is actually a story like that in the Bible.
Lot and his daughters. 
What if Lot and his daughters believed, after the destruction of Sodom, that they were the only people left in the world? 
In addition to that, there are also the written material of Zechariah Sitsen.  According to him, the ancient peoples were technologically more advanced than us, but their society was destroyed by jealous aliens.
Then I combined all of this and suddenly I had a very interesting story.
And that is where DAUGHTERS come from.
An erotic story that is not only super-hot with beautiful, very fit characters, but also one that will give you some food for thought.

Read the complete first chapter here and let me know what you think.

The book is available for immediate download here.

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