Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mother And Me

The sexual adventures of our teen hero, Thorn Maestro continues in MOTHER AND ME. 
In the last book, Thorn discovered that his middle age lover, Corinne, was only sleeping with him, because she was “marinating” his cock and balls for a special sacrifice in a satanic ritual.  Definitely not something for sweet dreams and Thorn immediately stopped seeing her.
But since Corinne was his first real lover and since they had the best sex he ever had in his young life, he now discovered that he had a fetish for older woman.  He found that he could only be sexually satisfied by a woman who is much older than him.

This was a problem on multiple levels.
Where would he find such an older woman who would sleep with him?  Amongst the aunts and other older ladies he knew there were no such candidates.  He was certain that not one of them would sleep with him in a million years.  They were decent and mostly married ladies.
But every problem has a solution.
There was an older woman who was the perfect candidate.  An older woman who had her own house, was not married and he was sure didn't have sex for more than ten years.  She was the one and he was sure with some legwork he would be able to get into her pants.
There was one problem, though.
This older woman was his own mother.
At first, he felt uncomfortable at that thought, but the more he pondered it, the more he wanted to do it.

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So now, he had to convince his mother, a sixty year old, very decent, very strict, very conservative woman to do the dirty deed with him.
Will he succeed in his quest?

MOTHER AND ME is the hottest incest story you will read this year.  It is all out action.  Action that never lets up for even one second.  This is not one of those books you will read one chapter today and then another chapter tomorrow – you will finish it in one sitting.

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