Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Ultimate Mom Taboo

The Ultimate Mom Taboo has just been updated.  All readers who bought this book already can just download the new updated version here.

The Ultimate Mom Taboo.  This is a book filled with stories that will make your toes curl with pleasure.  Once you started reading, you will not want to stop until the end.  In addition to that, the book is yours forever and ever and you can read it again and again. Each time you re-read it, you will find something you missed the last time.  

Here is a secret coupon code that will get you 50% off the price of the book.  Just type the number HF95Y in the coupon code block on the buy page.  This coupon code is only redeemable at Smashwords.

Remember: The closer related the characters are, the dirtier the story becomes.  And no one is closer related than your mother.  

The Ultimate Mom Taboo has now been updated with brand new material.  A bonus story is included to give you even more value for money.

The Ultimate Mom Taboo is a compilation of the following books:

Mother’s Last Wish:  This story is super-hot, but it will make you think at the same time. This is the ultimate in incest erotica and will be read for generations to come.

Hiding Mom:  Lots of incest mixed in with a little bit of science fiction and fantasy.  Earth is invaded by evil aliens, but our hero has a perfect hiding place for him and his mom.

Lester Takes His Mom On An Outing - The most sinful story in existence.  This book and its sister book has been banned on almost all eBook sites. So hot, you WILL burn.

Mom: A Tender Love Story - The forbidden love between a mother and her son as only Bakerman can tell it.

Mom: A Complicated Love Affair - its already bad doing the dirty deed with your mom, but what if your sis also wants in?  Will you have enough energy for the task at hand? Descriptions so vivid, you will wish you had three hands

Winter’s Quest – This is the ultimate erotic-incest novelette.  Winter’s Quest is one of the most downloaded books in the Bakerman stable and alone is worth the price of the whole compilation. 

Nana - Your granny.  She was a woman long before she became a granny.  Today, she still has her womanly needs.  Now imagine it is up to you to satisfy those needs.  Will you be man for the task?

A Gate For Gran.  One of Bakerman’s most downloaded incest stories.  Gran is not your ordinary grandmother and she hides some ugly secrets.  The townships of the Cape Flats are not for the faint of heart.

Unwilling Mother.  Extracts from letters Bakerman receives from his readers.  Might be true or it might be fiction; we will never know.  It is still as hot as hell.

Bonus story: Twisted Incest: Bryce Mane is going to commit suicide tonight.  But before he does; there is something that he always wanted to do, but were too scared.  Now that there is nothing left but death, he decides to do it.  This is probably the hottest incest story you will read this year.

These are the hottest incest stories on the market.  Get the book now and start reading.

The price stays the same for the first five readers.  After that it increases.  Remember this is more than 70 000 words of the ultimate taboo act.

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