Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stories From The Erotic Zone

STORIES FROM THE EROTIC ZONE are not your average erotic stories. These are not stories for everyone.  These are stories that are usually hidden in the dark corners of the Internet.  Those corners the average human doesn’t even know exist.

In THE BOLT AND THE OLD a young man rents a room in the house of an old couple.  The old man is mostly interested in his garden and not that much in his seventy year old wife any more.  Why would he be, he fucked her for more than half a century.  But the young boarder soon brings sweet relieve to the old woman’s suffering pussy.  But is the old man really that disinterested? The situations in this story are so hot and intense, there are no words in the English language to describe it.

In THE OLD MAN WHO LIVED ALONE a strange old man suddenly moves into the neighborhood and renovates his house in a certain way.  He seems to be an artist because he starts painting.   He does not interact with the surrounding residents that much and mostly keep to himself.  A young teen girl, who belongs the local gang, starts visiting him, pretending to also be interested in painting.  Problem is that the old man is much more than what he seems to be and he just wants to be left alone, but she doesn’t take notice of the many warnings he gives her.   And then one evening, she tries to steal his gold coins.  From there onwards it is only downhill for her.  This is the hottest teen erotic story currently available.  Also the creepiest.

In SERVANT WOMAN an old woman starts doing domestic work for a young engineer.  He asks her right at the beginning if she puts out, but she doesn’t answer him directly.  And then one afternoon he comes home early from work and the action starts.  The woman is the well-known Mrs. Titus and the all-out action is as hot as it can be with a horny old woman, who likes a cock in all her holes.

In TEACHER STUDENT RELATIONS a gang of the local criminals attacks the local school.  Everybody, especially the young schoolgirls run away or hide as best they can, because they know they will be raped if caught by the gang members.  One girl knows of a hiding place in the school the gangsters will never find.  Unfortunately the most handsome teacher at the school also knows of that one hiding place that no one else knows of.  Realizing they can die there that day, they decide to do what comes naturally between male and female.  The sex in this one is so hot, that they will have to invent a new erotic genre to describe it.

In THE WOMAN WHO FELL a young medical student helps an older woman who fell down in the road.  He takes her to his apartment to clean and bandage her wounds.  From that point onwards things start to happen.  But things are not as they seem and the older woman is in for a big surprise.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Mother's Inheritance

Mother’s Inheritance is definitely a book that should not be judged by its plain cover.  The inside of the book is the exact opposite of plain, ordinary looking cover.  Twisted, surreal, filthy, unusual; would be some of the words applicable to describe the contents of this novella.  And those words doesn't tell it all.

It starts out with the very common premise of the rich landowner who wants the farm of a poor single woman.  But from there it is all downhill or uphill, whatever your perspective is.

Nothing that is ordinary happens in this novella and its contents are unadulterated smut, intermeshed with brutal violence as well as suggestions of abuse.  The sensitive reader should thus be cautious.

The lover of erotica will love the hot and very twisted smut which is provided in large servings.

The lover of literary works will appreciate all the hidden symbols and innuendos throughout the story.

A second story is included which tells the story of the goddess who has this land under her protection.

Whatever the case may be, this is not a story that will leave you cold.

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Truman Bulluck Sexual Adventure: Cindy and Charlene

Cindy's soft hands are gently locked over his cock as she pulls it to where it belongs;  between her own legs.  She doesn't care that she is a virgin and that she never had sex before.  She doesn't care that huge penis might hurt her.  She cares for none of that.  The only thing she wants now is to have that huge, living thing inside her.  Deep inside her and then fucking her into a pulp.

"MY GOD, TRUMAN...IT IS SO HARD...I NEVER KNEW IT CAN BECOME THIS HARD...OH GOD, I NEED TO FEEL THAT THING INSIDE ME...IT MUST BE INSIDE ME..."  She says, breathlessly, as she pulls it stronger towards her.

Truman accommodates her and moves forward.  Cindy moves his cock once through her slit and then she brings it to the entrance of that place of all joy on earth - her sweet and waiting vagina.

She puts it into the hole and with the sweet heat washing all over the sensitivity of his exposed cock head, Truman pushes it into her with one go.  He doesn't know if his hard cock entering her vagina hurts her now, but she just grabs hold of him and claws almost desperately to him, pressing herself against him.  At the same time she moves her hips fast and continuously against him to take his cock as deep as possible.

The young girl's breathing comes out hard and ragged.  Like someone who is desperately running uphill.  She comes down from the counter where she has been sitting and now stands in front of him, with her legs open and her pussy filled to capacity with his huge cock.


Truman feels the heavenly motions of her vagina walls against his in and out moving cock.  He fucked a lot in his life, but he will never get tired of this.  Fucking a hot woman must be the single most enjoyable thing in this universe...something that no man will ever want to end.

Truman Bulluck is back. 
Truman Bulluck is the teen boy who was kidnapped by aliens in the middle of a rugby game. He was transported to their mothership, where he was embedded with an enzyme.  If he allowed this enzyme to accumulate in his body, he would die painfully.  The only way to keep the enzyme on a decent level inside his body was to have sex.
It might sound like fun, but it was not.  Readers of the series will know why.
Lucky for Truman, he was saved from this “faith worse than death” by a friendly alien who was also fighting the aliens whom embedded our hero with the enzyme.  When the “alien antidote” combined with the “alien enzyme”, it gave Truman a set of powers that made him better than a normal human being.

In CINDY AND CHARLENE our hero’s adventures continue.  On a different level now, but Truman is still Truman.  Always full of plans, always ready to keep both young- and old ladies very happy.

This book is very hot, with action right from the start up to the end.  However, it differs from other Bakerman books due to the serious violence portrayed in this book.  If extreme violence is not your thing, use caution.  But, remember, the violence is only at the end.  The kinky stuff is from start to finish.
BONUS BOOK:  The previous last book in this series -MOTHER - is included as a bonus story.  This is just to bring the reader up to date and as a welcome to the new reader.
I hope you enjoy the two stories and don’t forget to let me know.  

The Cuban Teacher             
The Old Servant                   

CINDY AND CHARLENE is available immediately.  Download it here.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sister's Secret

Thorn Maestro developed a fetish for older women after having had an affair with a woman who was much older than him.  She was Corinne Grunfeld.  Their love affair ended in an ugly disaster. (Corinne2: True Colors).  After he was finally rid of Corinne, he discovered his newly acquired fetish.

Girls his own age simply bored him now.  It was only women much older than him; woman ready for the old-age home, which really interested him in a sexual manner.  No matter what he tried, he still had the fetish.  And this was a fetish which needed some gratification. 

Gratification in a huge way.

With this fetish as his starting point, he committed the ultimate sin and started making love to his own mother (Motherand Me).  His mother was a sixty-year old woman and satisfied his fetish in all ways.  Yes, he was now committing incest, which is the breaking of the ultimate taboo.

He just had to find a way to “convince” his mother to sleep with her own son.  Once that was done, the show was on the road.

But one of his mother’s requirements was that no one should ever know what they were doing.  That was an easy one, because Thorn himself wanted no one to know what he and his mother were doing in the dark hours of the night.

But, as always, secrets don’t stay secret for very long…

His older sister had a sleep over at their place and soon he and his mother’s whole dirty secret was out in the open. 

He knows that if his sister brings his illicit affair with his mother out in the open, there would be hell to pay and his comfortable life would be over.

Thorn now has to take out the big guns and go all out to find a way to prevent his sister from telling his brothers about the illicit affair he is having with his mother.

Luckily, his sister also has some terrible skeletons in her closet and Thorn will just have to find out what they are…

Sister’ Secret is all out erotic action.  The action starts on the first page and continues right through up to the last page, where the reader will finally get a chance to breathe again.  This is another Thorn Maestro book that you will read in one sitting.  Such a lot of things happens in this book, that you can read it again and again and every time you will find something you missed the last time.

This book is available for immediate download here.  Remember, the first 15% of the book is free to read at no obligation to you.