Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sister's Secret

Thorn Maestro developed a fetish for older women after having had an affair with a woman who was much older than him.  She was Corinne Grunfeld.  Their love affair ended in an ugly disaster. (Corinne2: True Colors).  After he was finally rid of Corinne, he discovered his newly acquired fetish.

Girls his own age simply bored him now.  It was only women much older than him; woman ready for the old-age home, which really interested him in a sexual manner.  No matter what he tried, he still had the fetish.  And this was a fetish which needed some gratification. 

Gratification in a huge way.

With this fetish as his starting point, he committed the ultimate sin and started making love to his own mother (Motherand Me).  His mother was a sixty-year old woman and satisfied his fetish in all ways.  Yes, he was now committing incest, which is the breaking of the ultimate taboo.

He just had to find a way to “convince” his mother to sleep with her own son.  Once that was done, the show was on the road.

But one of his mother’s requirements was that no one should ever know what they were doing.  That was an easy one, because Thorn himself wanted no one to know what he and his mother were doing in the dark hours of the night.

But, as always, secrets don’t stay secret for very long…

His older sister had a sleep over at their place and soon he and his mother’s whole dirty secret was out in the open. 

He knows that if his sister brings his illicit affair with his mother out in the open, there would be hell to pay and his comfortable life would be over.

Thorn now has to take out the big guns and go all out to find a way to prevent his sister from telling his brothers about the illicit affair he is having with his mother.

Luckily, his sister also has some terrible skeletons in her closet and Thorn will just have to find out what they are…

Sister’ Secret is all out erotic action.  The action starts on the first page and continues right through up to the last page, where the reader will finally get a chance to breathe again.  This is another Thorn Maestro book that you will read in one sitting.  Such a lot of things happens in this book, that you can read it again and again and every time you will find something you missed the last time.

This book is available for immediate download here.  Remember, the first 15% of the book is free to read at no obligation to you.

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