Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stories From The Erotic Zone

STORIES FROM THE EROTIC ZONE are not your average erotic stories. These are not stories for everyone.  These are stories that are usually hidden in the dark corners of the Internet.  Those corners the average human doesn’t even know exist.

In THE BOLT AND THE OLD a young man rents a room in the house of an old couple.  The old man is mostly interested in his garden and not that much in his seventy year old wife any more.  Why would he be, he fucked her for more than half a century.  But the young boarder soon brings sweet relieve to the old woman’s suffering pussy.  But is the old man really that disinterested? The situations in this story are so hot and intense, there are no words in the English language to describe it.

In THE OLD MAN WHO LIVED ALONE a strange old man suddenly moves into the neighborhood and renovates his house in a certain way.  He seems to be an artist because he starts painting.   He does not interact with the surrounding residents that much and mostly keep to himself.  A young teen girl, who belongs the local gang, starts visiting him, pretending to also be interested in painting.  Problem is that the old man is much more than what he seems to be and he just wants to be left alone, but she doesn’t take notice of the many warnings he gives her.   And then one evening, she tries to steal his gold coins.  From there onwards it is only downhill for her.  This is the hottest teen erotic story currently available.  Also the creepiest.

In SERVANT WOMAN an old woman starts doing domestic work for a young engineer.  He asks her right at the beginning if she puts out, but she doesn’t answer him directly.  And then one afternoon he comes home early from work and the action starts.  The woman is the well-known Mrs. Titus and the all-out action is as hot as it can be with a horny old woman, who likes a cock in all her holes.

In TEACHER STUDENT RELATIONS a gang of the local criminals attacks the local school.  Everybody, especially the young schoolgirls run away or hide as best they can, because they know they will be raped if caught by the gang members.  One girl knows of a hiding place in the school the gangsters will never find.  Unfortunately the most handsome teacher at the school also knows of that one hiding place that no one else knows of.  Realizing they can die there that day, they decide to do what comes naturally between male and female.  The sex in this one is so hot, that they will have to invent a new erotic genre to describe it.

In THE WOMAN WHO FELL a young medical student helps an older woman who fell down in the road.  He takes her to his apartment to clean and bandage her wounds.  From that point onwards things start to happen.  But things are not as they seem and the older woman is in for a big surprise.

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