Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Spinster's Wish

THE SPINSTER'S WISH is a fun erotic story.

It tells the tale of Esther Hill who at the age of sixty discovers that she needs much more sex than what she was having in the last few years.  For a while she lost interest in sex, but now that interest is back with a vengeance.

But who will want a skinny sixty year old woman?  The men her age can’t even get it up anymore.  And no self-respecting young man would want to fuck a skinny old spinster, like herself.  So Esther would have to make a plan.

She knows a young man whom she would love to have inside her.  In fact she knows two of them.  Now the question is, will they fall for the “trap” that she sets for them.  And this is where the fun begins.

Hot action from the first page, right through until the last word in true Bakerman style.  Very little is left to the imagination.

Download and enjoy.

Read an extract here:

She lies down sideways on her bed on the big towel.  She lifts her legs and opens them up wide, before she pushes the big pink dildo hard into her wet pussy.  She immediately starts moving it in and out, in and out of her cunt.  Fucking herself with the rubber penis will never compare to a real cock of a real man moving in and out of her cunt, but it is the best that she can do at the moment to give herself some sexual relieve.

Through all the years she felt proud of her independence.  She even bragged to her friends how she liked not being burdened and tied to a man.  How she can enjoy life without a man.  But it seems that is not true.  Maybe she doesn't need a man, but her itchy pussy needs a man.  In a bad way.

She pushes the big dildo deep into her hot cunt, feeling how the sweet joys wash all over her.  She feels how her pussy lips stretch to the limit to accommodate the big rubber dick she is pushing in and out of her cunt.  It feels good.  Her hips are moving up and down against the very natural feeling play-prick.  Her breathing is hot and wild, while a slight moan continuously comes from her throat.  She holds her legs up and stretches them wide open to get access to that itchy pussy.

Here she is, a sixty year old woman having to stimulate herself with a rubber prick.  Where will she find a man to really work her pussy?  The men her age are too unwell to give her any satisfaction.  She is sure that most of them can't even get it up, let alone fuck her properly.  It will be a struggle from the first minute.

A young man, any young man will be able to satisfy her in a beautiful way.  But what young man worth his salt will want to fuck an over the hill old woman like herself.

She moves the dildo faster and faster in and out of her cunt as she feels the orgasm coming on.  The artificial penis has a function where it squirts a harmless cum-like substance into her after a while.  She feels it starting to squirt now.  It feels like a real prick cumming inside her, even with that famous throbbing.  This triggers an almighty orgasm in her and she just holds her hips tightly against the prick that she keeps as deep as possible inside her as she screams out in passion.

She lies like that for a while.  As she pulls the artificial prick from her a strong stream squirts from her over excited pussy right over her bedroom floor.

She feels the absolute relieve washing over her.  The plastic dick helped her in a big way, but it’s still not enough.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Cure For Mama

A woman and her son find an increasingly pleasant way to pay off her husband’s debt to the gangsters.

When Estella Hill’s husband died, she suddenly discovered that he had been doing business with the local gangsters all the time without her knowledge.  And he owed them money…lots of money.  Money that was due now immediately upon his demise.  Money she didn’t have.  She grew up in the ghetto and she knew what a powerful force the gangsters are.  She also knew there was no one would could help her with this.


And this led to her and her son ending up in the same bed.  Very innocent as she didn’t want to be alone at a time like this.  She had to tell him about his father’s debt and the problem she sat with.

Of course one thing led to another and soon Peter found a very pleasant way for them to make more than enough money.  Enough money to pay off the gangsters in no time and then more money for themselves.  At first Estella didn’t approve, but as time went on she saw that this was the best and easiest method.

She and her son had become stars.

This story gives the reader a glimpse into the hard reality of everyday life in the ghetto.  It is not for the prudish.

Read an extract here:

Peter feels his mother's lusty body against him.  This makes his cock to grow out even stronger against her.  He is already feeling the pure joy right through the material of their clothes.  He knows this is going to be a good one.  And it has to be.  He has to make sure of that.

While she holds onto the working washing machine, he keeps his torso against her rump, slightly moving his cock against the firm cheeks of her ass - dry fucking her right through their clothes.  He moves his hands around to her breasts and lightly squeezes them through the material of the coverall she is wearing.  He can feel that she is not wearing a bra and with the light material of her house coat it feels as if he is touching the voluptuous breasts itself.

He unbuttons the top of the house coat and starts squeezing and feeling up her naked breasts.  He rubs the two milk-sacks against each other and then he concentrates on the nipples, lightly moving his thumb over it.

She lies with her head back into his shoulder, looking up into his face.

"Oh, baby, that feels so good.  Your hands are so strong."  She says with a hoarse voice.  She must have been horny already or otherwise this was the shortest time in which he made her this horny, he thinks to himself.  But it is all good and now it works out even better than how he planned it.  He lays another deep kiss onto her mouth as he puts his arms around her middle and dry fuck her ass.

"I love you, Mama and I will love you for always..."

"Exactly what all men say when they want some pussy, but go right ahead, I like it,” she laughs.

He now slowly lifts her house coat until her pantie covered rear becomes visible.  He does it slowly and purposefully for the camera.

His mama is wearing a light blue cotton pantie.  He moves both his hands over it, gently squeezing the tightness of her ass.

"This is the most beautiful bum ever, Mama and I just want to touch it forever and ever..."  He says as he starts taking his shorts off.

"Oh, don't lie, Peter.  You already got what you want...there is no need for your lies..."  The older woman says as she unbuttons and then takes the house coat completely off her.  He would have preferred that she kept it on, but there is nothing he can do about it now.  For him it is much sexier to lift a woman's dress and then fuck her, instead of her being completely naked.  But that is okay, the camera already got what he wants.

He rubs his huge cock head through the material of the pantie, smearing some of his smooth pre cum onto the cotton material.  And then he pulls the light material from her round flesh.  He likes his mother's ass, big and round.  And he likes to feel that firmness of her rump against him when he fucks her.  In the end she moves it in the sweetest way possible, driving him absolutely nuts and causing his balls to release his seed in huge quantities.  Women know exactly what to do to get that precious seed inside of them.

He holds his hand on her hips as he parts her ass cheeks, beautifully exposing her cunt visible between the cheeks.  He pushes his cock in without touching it.  Her lips part and seems to suck his cock in as he pushes it in.  The vagina walls immediately lock tightly onto his in and out moving cock...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

An Indian Summer with Aunt Kita

Draven is back in 1991.  After the happenings of THE MYTH OF TOMORROW, he now has time to think.  For the first time, he can now also remember what happened to him in 1970.  The thing that is top on his mind is Aunt Kita.  He met her when they went to visit the farm in 1970.  She was seventy five years old then.

The strange things was that when she saw him, she immediately recognized him.

She told him that she met him when she was eighteen years old.  He was also twenty years old then.  He couldn’t remember any of it, but she could, and at seventy five she was lusting after him the same like she did when she was eighteen.  He had little choice and he fucked the old woman.  Because of the passion she had for him, the sex was hot and fantastic.  Something no man will ever forget.  There were many repeat performances of this while they were visiting the farm.  Lucky for him the others didn’t find out about it.

But now he is back in 1991 and it is about twenty years later.  Now Draven wonders if Aunt Kita is still alive.  If she is still alive, will she still remember him and will she still be willing to have sex with him.  Will she still be able to have sex in the first place - at ninety five?  Wow, that is almost a hundred years old.

He just had to find out.

So he returned to the farm.

Aunt Kita was still alive and very surprised to see him once again at the exact same age he was when she met him the first time.  But things were not going well on the farm.

From there onwards, the heat and passion begins all over again.

If you like sex with very old women, then this story is super-hot and just the thing for you.  If you don’t like kinky stuff like this I would recommend that you read this story and find out for yourself how exciting sex can be with a partner who might die at any moment.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Here is an exciting extract from An Indian Summer With Aunt Kita.

For Draven this is pure heaven.  Surges of hot electric like pleasure moves through him in great waves.  He simply has no control over it.  The excitement that the old woman brings to his cock, makes that more and more blood is being pumped into his penis.  This makes it grow out to full size.  Long and thick like a tree branch, with the beautiful pink cock head growing out of the foreskin like a magical flower.

He can’t wait any longer.  Not unless he wants to empty his balls right there and then all over the old wrinkled face.  But he doesn’t want to do it like that.  He wants his seed inside Aunt Kita’s little pussy.  He needs to feel that sweet warmth of the ninety five year old lady’s sweet vagina walls locking around his cock…

He gives the old dame a quick kiss on her forehead and then he unbuttons her dress.  The buttons goes down to her middle and then there is a zip on the side of the dress.  He zips it down and then he takes the dress completely from her, throwing it over the other couch.

This is weird, him a twenty year old man undressing a ninety five year old woman, but she adores it and it makes her pussy cream even more than it is already creaming.  She don’t know what kind of influence this strange man has over her, but for years now her pussy didn’t get wet anymore.  No matter how she masturbated it with her trusty dildo.  If she didn’t use lubrication she would be completely dry.  But the moment he appeared, her pussy became wet like in her younger day.

And that is why she loves him and will love him forever.  

Get the book here

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Myth Of Tomorrow: An Erotic Time Travel Novella

The weirdest thing happens to Draven Osborne when he walks too close to a big mass of water.  He is swallowed up by a huge vortex, which transports him to another time, another era...another life.

Via one such a transfer he is transported to 1970.  Here he meets the love of his live, Rebecca Lane.  Rebecca will become the most important woman in his life - in more ways than one.

1970 becomes an adventurous year for Draven, where he gets to court the love of his life. He gets to proof himself against the school-yard bully as well as rescue her from kidnappers.  There are lots of hunting and even a visit to the farm where a very strange thing happens.  In 1970 Draven gets to live the life that he wants to live.

Draven realizes that he has many skills, many resources; but strangely he has no past.

Then he is cruelly ripped from the place where he intended to stay until the day that he dies and is transported to 1991.  He knows now that he must avoid huge masses of water.  But back in 1991 - and now with all his memories intact - he discovers something that he rather would have preferred not to have known.  And yes, his mother plays a very important part in all of this.  In a way you would never have anticipated.


The situation is impossible to believe, but it is true.  It might drive a lesser man to insanity as there is nothing even he can do to change it.

This novella shows us the topsy-turvy world of time travel where nothing is as it seems and nothing can be believed.

Follow our hero as he meets the hottest women of different eras.  Stand with him as he takes part in the kinkiest sex in the most impossible situations.   Watch him as he takes part in the most violent fights.


And at the end find out the most impossible and perverted thing that comes from one bubble of reality.

This is the hottest erotic story of the year.  

This is a beautiful love story with a very kinky ending.
This is a very chaotic time travel story with lots of adventure and violent action.

This is a story you will never forget.  Once you have the book, you will read it again and again  It does not only contain the hottest and kinkiest sexual situations and descriptions available today, it also has a solid story that will keep you reading right to the mind blowing conclusion. 

Highly recommended.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thank You

A big sloppy THANK YOU to all my readers.  

To a writer his readers are the most important people in his life, because without you an author's writing efforts are all for naught.

At the moment I have reached my goal of selling at least ten books a day from all my distributor's. This is great news, because now I can finance myself and write even more.

I once again invite my readers to make themselves heard and let me know what you think and what you want.  My email address is at the back of all my books and also on my Smashwords page.

Whatever you do, I promise to always deliver the hottest, filthiest smut this side of the equator.

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Thanks again and don't forget to enjoy life...

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The Smashwords Sale

Don't forget the Smashwords sale started on Sunday, 5th of March 2017.  

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Except for Bakerman books there are tens of thousands of books from other authors.  This is a festival of books - really.  Fill your reading device with eBooks via this week long sale.

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