Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Cure For Mama

A woman and her son find an increasingly pleasant way to pay off her husband’s debt to the gangsters.

When Estella Hill’s husband died, she suddenly discovered that he had been doing business with the local gangsters all the time without her knowledge.  And he owed them money…lots of money.  Money that was due now immediately upon his demise.  Money she didn’t have.  She grew up in the ghetto and she knew what a powerful force the gangsters are.  She also knew there was no one would could help her with this.


And this led to her and her son ending up in the same bed.  Very innocent as she didn’t want to be alone at a time like this.  She had to tell him about his father’s debt and the problem she sat with.

Of course one thing led to another and soon Peter found a very pleasant way for them to make more than enough money.  Enough money to pay off the gangsters in no time and then more money for themselves.  At first Estella didn’t approve, but as time went on she saw that this was the best and easiest method.

She and her son had become stars.

This story gives the reader a glimpse into the hard reality of everyday life in the ghetto.  It is not for the prudish.

Read an extract here:

Peter feels his mother's lusty body against him.  This makes his cock to grow out even stronger against her.  He is already feeling the pure joy right through the material of their clothes.  He knows this is going to be a good one.  And it has to be.  He has to make sure of that.

While she holds onto the working washing machine, he keeps his torso against her rump, slightly moving his cock against the firm cheeks of her ass - dry fucking her right through their clothes.  He moves his hands around to her breasts and lightly squeezes them through the material of the coverall she is wearing.  He can feel that she is not wearing a bra and with the light material of her house coat it feels as if he is touching the voluptuous breasts itself.

He unbuttons the top of the house coat and starts squeezing and feeling up her naked breasts.  He rubs the two milk-sacks against each other and then he concentrates on the nipples, lightly moving his thumb over it.

She lies with her head back into his shoulder, looking up into his face.

"Oh, baby, that feels so good.  Your hands are so strong."  She says with a hoarse voice.  She must have been horny already or otherwise this was the shortest time in which he made her this horny, he thinks to himself.  But it is all good and now it works out even better than how he planned it.  He lays another deep kiss onto her mouth as he puts his arms around her middle and dry fuck her ass.

"I love you, Mama and I will love you for always..."

"Exactly what all men say when they want some pussy, but go right ahead, I like it,” she laughs.

He now slowly lifts her house coat until her pantie covered rear becomes visible.  He does it slowly and purposefully for the camera.

His mama is wearing a light blue cotton pantie.  He moves both his hands over it, gently squeezing the tightness of her ass.

"This is the most beautiful bum ever, Mama and I just want to touch it forever and ever..."  He says as he starts taking his shorts off.

"Oh, don't lie, Peter.  You already got what you want...there is no need for your lies..."  The older woman says as she unbuttons and then takes the house coat completely off her.  He would have preferred that she kept it on, but there is nothing he can do about it now.  For him it is much sexier to lift a woman's dress and then fuck her, instead of her being completely naked.  But that is okay, the camera already got what he wants.

He rubs his huge cock head through the material of the pantie, smearing some of his smooth pre cum onto the cotton material.  And then he pulls the light material from her round flesh.  He likes his mother's ass, big and round.  And he likes to feel that firmness of her rump against him when he fucks her.  In the end she moves it in the sweetest way possible, driving him absolutely nuts and causing his balls to release his seed in huge quantities.  Women know exactly what to do to get that precious seed inside of them.

He holds his hand on her hips as he parts her ass cheeks, beautifully exposing her cunt visible between the cheeks.  He pushes his cock in without touching it.  Her lips part and seems to suck his cock in as he pushes it in.  The vagina walls immediately lock tightly onto his in and out moving cock...

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