Thursday, March 23, 2017

An Indian Summer with Aunt Kita

Draven is back in 1991.  After the happenings of THE MYTH OF TOMORROW, he now has time to think.  For the first time, he can now also remember what happened to him in 1970.  The thing that is top on his mind is Aunt Kita.  He met her when they went to visit the farm in 1970.  She was seventy five years old then.

The strange things was that when she saw him, she immediately recognized him.

She told him that she met him when she was eighteen years old.  He was also twenty years old then.  He couldn’t remember any of it, but she could, and at seventy five she was lusting after him the same like she did when she was eighteen.  He had little choice and he fucked the old woman.  Because of the passion she had for him, the sex was hot and fantastic.  Something no man will ever forget.  There were many repeat performances of this while they were visiting the farm.  Lucky for him the others didn’t find out about it.

But now he is back in 1991 and it is about twenty years later.  Now Draven wonders if Aunt Kita is still alive.  If she is still alive, will she still remember him and will she still be willing to have sex with him.  Will she still be able to have sex in the first place - at ninety five?  Wow, that is almost a hundred years old.

He just had to find out.

So he returned to the farm.

Aunt Kita was still alive and very surprised to see him once again at the exact same age he was when she met him the first time.  But things were not going well on the farm.

From there onwards, the heat and passion begins all over again.

If you like sex with very old women, then this story is super-hot and just the thing for you.  If you don’t like kinky stuff like this I would recommend that you read this story and find out for yourself how exciting sex can be with a partner who might die at any moment.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Here is an exciting extract from An Indian Summer With Aunt Kita.

For Draven this is pure heaven.  Surges of hot electric like pleasure moves through him in great waves.  He simply has no control over it.  The excitement that the old woman brings to his cock, makes that more and more blood is being pumped into his penis.  This makes it grow out to full size.  Long and thick like a tree branch, with the beautiful pink cock head growing out of the foreskin like a magical flower.

He can’t wait any longer.  Not unless he wants to empty his balls right there and then all over the old wrinkled face.  But he doesn’t want to do it like that.  He wants his seed inside Aunt Kita’s little pussy.  He needs to feel that sweet warmth of the ninety five year old lady’s sweet vagina walls locking around his cock…

He gives the old dame a quick kiss on her forehead and then he unbuttons her dress.  The buttons goes down to her middle and then there is a zip on the side of the dress.  He zips it down and then he takes the dress completely from her, throwing it over the other couch.

This is weird, him a twenty year old man undressing a ninety five year old woman, but she adores it and it makes her pussy cream even more than it is already creaming.  She don’t know what kind of influence this strange man has over her, but for years now her pussy didn’t get wet anymore.  No matter how she masturbated it with her trusty dildo.  If she didn’t use lubrication she would be completely dry.  But the moment he appeared, her pussy became wet like in her younger day.

And that is why she loves him and will love him forever.  

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