Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Myth Of Tomorrow: An Erotic Time Travel Novella

The weirdest thing happens to Draven Osborne when he walks too close to a big mass of water.  He is swallowed up by a huge vortex, which transports him to another time, another era...another life.

Via one such a transfer he is transported to 1970.  Here he meets the love of his live, Rebecca Lane.  Rebecca will become the most important woman in his life - in more ways than one.

1970 becomes an adventurous year for Draven, where he gets to court the love of his life. He gets to proof himself against the school-yard bully as well as rescue her from kidnappers.  There are lots of hunting and even a visit to the farm where a very strange thing happens.  In 1970 Draven gets to live the life that he wants to live.

Draven realizes that he has many skills, many resources; but strangely he has no past.

Then he is cruelly ripped from the place where he intended to stay until the day that he dies and is transported to 1991.  He knows now that he must avoid huge masses of water.  But back in 1991 - and now with all his memories intact - he discovers something that he rather would have preferred not to have known.  And yes, his mother plays a very important part in all of this.  In a way you would never have anticipated.


The situation is impossible to believe, but it is true.  It might drive a lesser man to insanity as there is nothing even he can do to change it.

This novella shows us the topsy-turvy world of time travel where nothing is as it seems and nothing can be believed.

Follow our hero as he meets the hottest women of different eras.  Stand with him as he takes part in the kinkiest sex in the most impossible situations.   Watch him as he takes part in the most violent fights.


And at the end find out the most impossible and perverted thing that comes from one bubble of reality.

This is the hottest erotic story of the year.  

This is a beautiful love story with a very kinky ending.
This is a very chaotic time travel story with lots of adventure and violent action.

This is a story you will never forget.  Once you have the book, you will read it again and again  It does not only contain the hottest and kinkiest sexual situations and descriptions available today, it also has a solid story that will keep you reading right to the mind blowing conclusion. 

Highly recommended.

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