Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Spinster's Wish

THE SPINSTER'S WISH is a fun erotic story.

It tells the tale of Esther Hill who at the age of sixty discovers that she needs much more sex than what she was having in the last few years.  For a while she lost interest in sex, but now that interest is back with a vengeance.

But who will want a skinny sixty year old woman?  The men her age can’t even get it up anymore.  And no self-respecting young man would want to fuck a skinny old spinster, like herself.  So Esther would have to make a plan.

She knows a young man whom she would love to have inside her.  In fact she knows two of them.  Now the question is, will they fall for the “trap” that she sets for them.  And this is where the fun begins.

Hot action from the first page, right through until the last word in true Bakerman style.  Very little is left to the imagination.

Download and enjoy.

Read an extract here:

She lies down sideways on her bed on the big towel.  She lifts her legs and opens them up wide, before she pushes the big pink dildo hard into her wet pussy.  She immediately starts moving it in and out, in and out of her cunt.  Fucking herself with the rubber penis will never compare to a real cock of a real man moving in and out of her cunt, but it is the best that she can do at the moment to give herself some sexual relieve.

Through all the years she felt proud of her independence.  She even bragged to her friends how she liked not being burdened and tied to a man.  How she can enjoy life without a man.  But it seems that is not true.  Maybe she doesn't need a man, but her itchy pussy needs a man.  In a bad way.

She pushes the big dildo deep into her hot cunt, feeling how the sweet joys wash all over her.  She feels how her pussy lips stretch to the limit to accommodate the big rubber dick she is pushing in and out of her cunt.  It feels good.  Her hips are moving up and down against the very natural feeling play-prick.  Her breathing is hot and wild, while a slight moan continuously comes from her throat.  She holds her legs up and stretches them wide open to get access to that itchy pussy.

Here she is, a sixty year old woman having to stimulate herself with a rubber prick.  Where will she find a man to really work her pussy?  The men her age are too unwell to give her any satisfaction.  She is sure that most of them can't even get it up, let alone fuck her properly.  It will be a struggle from the first minute.

A young man, any young man will be able to satisfy her in a beautiful way.  But what young man worth his salt will want to fuck an over the hill old woman like herself.

She moves the dildo faster and faster in and out of her cunt as she feels the orgasm coming on.  The artificial penis has a function where it squirts a harmless cum-like substance into her after a while.  She feels it starting to squirt now.  It feels like a real prick cumming inside her, even with that famous throbbing.  This triggers an almighty orgasm in her and she just holds her hips tightly against the prick that she keeps as deep as possible inside her as she screams out in passion.

She lies like that for a while.  As she pulls the artificial prick from her a strong stream squirts from her over excited pussy right over her bedroom floor.

She feels the absolute relieve washing over her.  The plastic dick helped her in a big way, but it’s still not enough.

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