Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mother's Fear

If you love family exotica, you will love this book.

MOTHER'S FEAR tells the story of Riley Young who lives with his mother, Katherine.  His mother dislikes all the girlfriends he brings home.  He can’t understand this strange attitude of hers, as she was never like that when he was smaller.  Whenever he has a new girl, his mother would immediately find fault with her and then she does her best to discourage him from seeing the girl again,

Because of this strange behavior, Riley starts to investigate to find out what is really behind his mother’s reluctance for him to have a girlfriend. 

Riley knows he will have to find the cause behind all this and the only way he can think of to find it is to install little spy cameras all over the house.  Why he actually did it, he would never know, but what he saw happening in the house when he was not there opened his eyes and he started to understand.

This understanding would lead to the ultimate sin with his mother.  And this is where he is now.  Will he be able to seduce his mother or will he simply make a fool of himself?

The book includes a bonus story called PERVERSION.  This bonus story is a follow up on the first erotic story I wrote, namely Lester Perverts his Mom.  It recounts what happen after the events of the first story.  You won’t have to skip any part of PERVERSION.  It is super-hot sex all the way and on every page.

Download this book now and start reading immediately.

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