Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sarah and I

SARAH AND I is an action packed erotic book that tells the tale of a bored housewife, Sarah, somewhere in the suburbs.

She visits her neighbor, a man who lives on his own, on a daily basis.  The man, Corben Manning, notices that she visits him more and more without really having a purpose.  Or does she have a purpose, but he just doesn't notice it?

With these visits Sarah always complains about her family and how bored she really is.  If she could just run away from them and go out into the world, she would be happy.

And then he finally realizes what all this is all about.  The signs were all there, but he never had the inclination to put his mind on it.

But now that he knows he immediately fucks her - hard and violently.  The fucking scene is action packed and good, because he is a man of the world, while she is a sex starved middle aged housewife.  She really needs to feel an excited, very hard cock inside of her.  Corben now gives her this and much more.

Blah, you say, this is your average, run of the mill erotic story.  It is the subject of millions of porno films over the years.

But you would be wrong.  

Because there is a terrible surprise waiting on the reader after all this is said and done.  It is a surprise that will stay with you for a long time.  And don’t worry; it’s not a HORRORble surprise.  I might even say you will like it.

If Sarah will like it?  Who knows?  

Many times we only see the world as we want to see it.  That is why it is so very easy to hide out in plain sight.

Download this story today; it will stimulate you in more ways than one.  For only one dollar it’s a steal.  It includes a bonus story.

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