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The King of Regret and Other Stories

THE KING OF REGRET AND OTHER STORIES is a compilation of the ten top-selling Bakerman books.  Yes, these are TEN super-hot books out of the Bakerman erotic stable.

As all readers of Bakerman know by now, there is no fluff in Bakerman erotica; only mind-blowing erotic action on every page.  Except for the super realistic, crystal clear erotic descriptions, all the stories have a decent plot.  This makes the story even more interesting to read as you always want to know what is going to happen next.

Each one of these books was written with the clear goal to drive the reader mad with lust.  All of them are pure erotic stories, but each one comes with a twist.  It can be a romantic twist, a horror twist, even an action adventure twist.  This means there is something for everyone, BUT it is first and foremost an erotic collection.

So the reader can expect the hottest situations, the most realistic descriptions and the most exciting characters ever created.  Not only does it contain the most realistic description this side of the real thing, each story comes with an elaborate plot that will keep you guessing till the end.  There are no loose ends and everything is neatly resolved in the end.  The volume stands on its own.

In addition to all that, this is a compilation that you will read again and again.  With each re-reading you will discover something new.  Bakerman loves to throw symbols and things with hidden meanings in his stories.

Bakerman books are erotica of the highest quality.

The King Of Regret.  This is the hottest book in the Bakerman stable.  With this collection, this sought after book becomes yours for only 99c.  The King of Regret is a magical story of loss and gain and loss again with a pair of magical earphones playing a major role.  Our hero is a scrawny failure of a man, who suddenly discovers that courage and determination can lead to great things.  Unexpected and forbidden things, but that is what the reader want, not so?

In A Night Of Perversion, Joss comes home just to discover someone in his bed.  In the semi-darkness her can make out it is a feminine figure that is hot, voluptuous and with a very wet and throbbing pussy.  Josh himself is tipsy and doesn’t ask any questions or even put on the light.  He immediately does what comes naturally.  When he discovers his mistake, it is too late and then his mother also appears on the scene.  What happens after that is not for decent people.

In Yachting with Daddy a deep space astronaut returns home for a holiday.  He buys a yacht.  Then he and his daughter take it out on the ocean for its maiden voyage.  What happens there in the deep blue ocean, away from all laws and morality between father and daughter, is the stuff of legends.  This book is so hot that it was banned twice.  Changes had to be made to the script to get it back online again.  Read the original script here before it’s discovered.

Mother in the Moonlight is about a woman, her son and a Hemicuda.  ‘Nuff said.

Grandpa’s Stiffy. A teenage girl discovers something extremely weird about her grandpa.  Something she never heard of before.  Something that seems to be impossible.  And it fascinates her.  It fascinates her in a strange way.  This fascination with that-which-does-not-concern-her, leads to all kinds of sin.  Grandpa’s Stiffy is an action packed erotic book with hot, sweaty “incidents” on every page.  It is guaranteed that every word is dripping with pure, sweaty lustful action that you will read over and over.  If you read only one family-erotica book this year it should be Grandpa’s Stiffy

In Obsession we go into the occult with dark monsters that sit and wait on their prey in dark alleyways, surrounded by blood-filled pavements.  Frank Summers apparently inherited a curse from his father.  A curse he will have to fight or try to understand.  Or both.  What he discovers and how he discovers it lead to all kinds of lusty pleasures with ladies of various ages – from very old to very young.  This book is not for the faint hearted or the prudish.

The Spinster’s Wish tells the tale of an old woman, Ester Hill, who decides that she didn’t have enough sex when she was younger.  She would have to play catch up now.  The first men who fall into her honey-trap are her two nephews.  They are young, strong and very horny.  How will it all end up and will Ester be strong enough to take on both of her nephews?

An Indian Summer With Aunt Kitta is a follow up on the Bakerman best seller, The Myth of Tomorrow.  In this one our time travelling hero returns to his own time.  But now he wants to find out what happened to the many women he fucked in the past.  Those women who are still alive, that is.  One of the women is Aunt Kitta.  Now at 95 years of age, she can still remember the good times they had together.  Of course she was much younger when they first met.  She just can’t understand how our hero can still be the same age as when she met him the first time.  Despite her great age the action becomes hot and bothered.  This story is not for the prudish as it breaks all rules of decency.  There is action on every page of this book.

Adventures Of A Meter Reader.  This is the story of Sean Becker.  He is a meter reader for the gas company.  That means he has to go into suburban houses during the day to read the gas meter and enter the reading on his tablet for processing.  At the time of the day that he visits, it is mostly the women who are home.  Housewives. In quick time Sean becomes a legend amongst the bored and lonely housewives that he meets on his daily routes.  This story contains many surprises and illustrates all the sins known to man.

A Cure For Mama is a story straight from the townships of the Cape Flats.  It tells the tale (in intricate detail) of how Peter and his mother entered the world of X-rated videos and how it saved their lives…Not for the prudish.

This volume contains more than a hundred thousand words.  Each one of those words is calculated to drive you mad with lust. 

Nothing is wasted and there is hot and sweaty action on every page. 

You won’t need to skip any part of this volume as every passage is sizzling hot and part of the action. 

Not only will it take you quite a while to read this book (remember its TEN whole books in one), you will also be able to re-read it several times.  Bakerman guarantees you will find something you missed the last time, every time you re-read the bundle. 

All these books have super interesting plots with the best erotic scenes one can imagine. 

Get this book now and start reading.

Remember: This volume contains forbidden family-erotica, so it’s not for everyone.

Get the volume now and start reading immediately.  No searching, no waiting, only two clicks and the book is yours.

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