Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Brother's Hard Secret

BROTHER’S HARD SECRET is the fifth book in the SIN IN THE SUBURBS series.  In this one Tomás Cordouza - Auntie Cissy’s young lover - is the main character.

This story takes place in Tomás’s house where he lives with his mother, Helga and his sister, Ivette.


Helga is having a serious money problem now that her divorced husband is not making his monthly alimony payments anymore.  They will soon lose the house and then she and the kids will be out on the street.  She tries her best to hide this from Tomás and Ivette, while secretly looking for a solution to his problem.

But, both her children already know about the problem.  Strangely Ivette is the one that comes up with a solution.  She knows her mother will not approve, but she needs Tomás’s help in her endeavor.  If he agrees to help, he has to swear to keep it secret.

Tomás agrees to his younger sister’s plan and this is where things start getting hot and bothered like it can only happen in a Bakerman erotic story can.

This is the fifth book in the Sin in the Suburbs series

In the meantime Helga talks to a friend at work and suddenly she gets a tip on how to get out of her dire predicament.  Not something she would have done under normal circumstances, but this is not normal circumstances and she has very little choice in the matter.

From there onwards things only get hotter and hotter until it is unbearable hot.  

Do not read this book if you are a prude, because it will make you feel VERY uncomfortable.  The contents of this book are on the edge of the forbidden and not for everyone.

This story contains some of the hottest sex scenes you will ever read.  As usual, descriptions are detailed and crystal clear.  It is like watching a porn movie, only much better, as it is powered by your imagination.

This exciting book is available here. Download it today.

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