Friday, March 2, 2018

Daddy's Dreamgirls

The story continues, but this time the spotlight is concentrated on Sarah's neglected family at home.  While she and Corben are having their illicit affair at his place, her family is alone at home and dealing with their own dark desires. 

Her husband is now a neglected man who spends most of his time in front of the TV.  He does not feel like doing anything else anymore.  For him it feels as if his life is over. His daily pattern is: go to work in the morning, return home in the evening, put himself in front of the TV with a bowl of snacks.  At midnight, he would go to sleep and then the next morning start the whole process again.


His two daughters are busy with their own secret things.  No one knows what it is they are doing, but it is done behind locked doors or in their secret spot in the back garden.  

They are always plotting and planning, and they are definitely not a fan of their strict mother.

In a situation like this, things can get out of hand in quick time and it usually does.  In DADDY’S DREAMGIRLS this is exactly what happens in a huge and unexpected way. Especially for this conservative family

This story tells it like it is and takes no prisoners.  Don’t expect any relieve once you’ve started reading.  It is action from the word go and it never let up.  I would advise decent people not to read this book, don’t even look at it, as there are no decency to be found anywhere on its pages.

If you enjoyed Sarah and I, you will definitely enjoy Daddy's Dreamgirls.  A story in three acts filled with hot, forbidden action.

This story is not for everyone and it might upset sensitive people.

The book is available for immediate download here.

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