Monday, March 19, 2018

Daddy's Last Sin

DADDY’S LAST SIN is an erotic book that will stay with you for a long time.  Such a lot happens in this book and it is so profound that it instantly becomes unforgettable.  This is not your usual erotica.


The book continues where the last book in the series left off.

Sarah opens the door for Dave as he comes from Auntie Cissy’s and a fight starts almost immediately.  This fight is the catalyst for the rest of the story.  The events that follow are going to have a serious effect on the neighborhood as well as on the De Grass family.  In fact it will become THE event in their lives.

Menta decides to confront Corben to find out what is really going on between him and her mother.  Is there even something to talk about?  The only way she can confront Corben is to go to his house.  But here, in the darkness of his big house, there is a big surprise waiting on her.

At the same time that she discovers what Corben and her mother had been doing all this time, she also gets trapped in the “vampire’s web”.  She has no choice in the matter and in the end she understands her mother better.  But this does not lead to peace.  It rather leads to more conflict.  And also blazing hot erotic action.

The happenings at Corben’s house is shocking, but oh so hot.

Meanwhile, back at home, Sarah had attacked Dave.  Yes, she attacked him in a physical sense.  Is it because of what he and Auntie Cissy did?  Is it because of what he and their daughter did?  Or is it something else?

Menta comes upon the fight and immediately jumps in to help her father.  Something is started here that will not end in a good way.

The poison that Corben put into Sarah in the first book comes into play now.  The effects it has on her and her family is beyond imagination.

As he senses the poison taking its effect on Sarah, Corben senses something at Auntie Cissy place at the same time.  It is something that he and his vampire brothers destroyed many centuries before, but here it was sending out signals like there was no tomorrow. 

He decides to investigate as this is not something he can just leave to run on its own out here in this neigborhood.  This is not something he can allow to exist.

But what the vampire finds at Auntie Cissy’s place is much more than he bargained for.  What follows is hot and unrelenting.

The final three chapters of the book is so sugar-sweet, so super-hot, so action packed, you'll wish that it never ends.  The final three chapters will become the template for "clean" family erotica from now on.

Yes, this is not your usual erotic book; this is a book of intrigue and non-stop, blazingly hot action.  Strange secrets are divulged and facts come out about characters you’ve come to trust and love.

Most importantly, this book contains some of the hottest, most exciting erotic scenes ever put on paper.  So prepare yourself to be entertained like never before.

Download the book and start reading now.

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