Friday, March 9, 2018

Daddy and Auntie Cissy

Watching old blue-movies in a strange looking basement can lead to sin and also a lot of other troubles.  Dave will find that out today:

Dave knows the old blue-movie VCR tapes very well, as he and his friends watched a lot of it when they were in high school.  These tapes were used over and over again and they were all grainy and jumpy.  Sometimes it was difficult to see many things in the movie, but for that they simply used their vivid imaginations.

In this incest movie that was playing now, the “daughter” is alone in her room busy reading a naughty book.  As she reads, she opens her legs wide and thus allows her skirt to ride up her legs.  The camera now focuses on her panty covered pussy, which she immediately starts to fondle vigorously with her fingers.  The camera even shows when the panty starts to get moist with her now flowing pussy juices.

And then her “father” is suddenly there.  She quickly throws the book down on the one side of the bed and tries to close her legs.  But the old man picks up the book and checks what it is.  Then he points it at her.

“I told you twice not the read this rubbish.”  He says with a very strict voice, while she looks fearfully up at him.  She tries to close her legs now, but he keeps it open as his big hand rubs over her small cotton covered pussy.

“Now I will show you what happens when you don’t obey me.”  He says as he starts to wildly rub her pussy right through the panty.  He puts his fingers into the top of the panty and pulls it down.  Then he pushes a big round finger into her small virgin pussy.  It seemingly hurts at first as he pushes it in-and-out of the young girls love hole; but then she clearly starts to enjoy it. 

Much too early to be real.

She struggles for a bit against her “father’s” amorous moves, but soon that is over.  Her top is opened and her sweet breasts come out.

It ends up with the “father” fucking her in the missionary style, while sucking on her young boobs.  When he reaches his orgasm, he takes his hard cock out of her and masturbates it until his seed spurts all over her tummy and her dress. 

“You clean all that up and then you go make me some coffee.  And you don’t tell your mother any of what happened here.”  He instructs her as he hastily pulls up his pants and leaves the room with the naughty book.

Dave is now in Auntie Cissy’s basement watching blue-movies under strange circumstances.  He is now learning things about his friendly, grandmotherly neighbor that he never would have guessed under normal circumstances.

This story starts immediately where the last one in the series ended.  Things are getting weirder, but also steamier at the same time.  If you like super-hot and unusual granny-sex, then you will love this one.

This book is immediately available.  Get the other two books in the series at the same time:  SARAH AND I and DADDY’S DREAMGIRLS.  

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