Saturday, April 7, 2018

Flesh and Blood

On a cold and cloudy day young Taylor and his aunt Kirsty start a sexual relationship not one of them could foresee. They didn't plan any of this; it simply happened out of the blue when they were both in a state of sexual depression.

But, now that it happened they find out that they like it.  To their advantage is the fact that not one of them is married.  There is thus nothing that can stop them from continuing there hot sexual affair...

...or is there? 


The problem starts when things suddenly start to come out.  Old, forgotten things. Ugly secrets.  Buried secrets that should have been brought out into the open long ago.  It comes out now and it complicates something that is already complicated in its own right.  

Will Taylor and his aunt Kirsty survive this or will they be washed away by the unstoppable tide from out of the past?

This is a love story full of passion, but also full of super-hot sexual action.  You will be led on a path you didn't even know existed in this universe.  You will find out that life is stranger than any fiction.

Or is it?

In reading Flesh and Blood you will never want to skip any of the passages. All of it is super exciting and super hot.  The story contains crystal clear descriptions of hot and very taboo sex between the older woman and her young nephew.  But it also contains dirty secrets from her past that is back to haunt her now.

YOU WILL NOT STOP READING until you’ve reached the end.

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