Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mother in Dystopia

In a lawless post-apocalyptic world, Duncan and his mother are fleeing before the ruthless Flesh Hunters.  So far they have been very successful in escaping as well as eliminating their pursuers.
But much more important than their desperate flight before their relentless pursuers is the irresistible sexual tension that had been developing between the two of them.

Being ready to fight at a moment’s notice, with the ever present shadow of cruel enslavement or instant death hanging over them, makes everything else seem unimportant.   
For the two of them, living this unnaturally close together, over months of surviving in the wild, made them realize what they are.  They are a man and a woman and no longer a mother and son.

On downloading this book, you will instantly be taken on a roller coaster ride of continuous action. This action includes extreme violence, combined with the hottest and most forbidden sexual action ever put onto paper.  This is not a book for the faint of heart.

Will Duncan and his mother reach the boat that will take them to safety and a new life, or will they be caught and enslaved by the ruthless Flesh Hunters?  

Most importantly what will happen when the physical and very real sexual attraction they feel for each other finally explodes?  Will they consummate it or not?

Download this book today and find out.

If you like violent action, if you like blazing hot sex, if you like fully drawn out, four dimensional characters, you WILL like this book.

Download it today for a unique reading experience.

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