Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Other Side of the Forest

When Bakerman started out writing THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST, the intention was to write an erotic story that happens in a magical land where Satyrs, Elves, Centaurs, Dragons, etc roam around freely.

But then the muse took over and Bakerman lost all control of the story.

So now it contains magical creatures, enchanted weapons, a big stone house with its own tower and antique books, but it is not a FANTASY. 

It tells the sweet story of a handsome young man meeting two beautiful girls in the forest, where they discover their dreams are the same, but it is not a ROMANTIC STORY.

It contains the hottest sex scenes every written down, but it is not an EROTIC STORY.

It tells the story of an adventure that will leave your mind spinning.  Once read, this story will always be with you; but it is not an ADVENTURE STORY.

A FAIRY TALE…maybe it’s a fairy tale, but not one you will read to your children before they go to sleep.  It is way too hot for that.

It is all of that, but also much more.  

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST is one of those stories that has to be read from the first word right through to the last.  It is only when you read the last words that the true impact of it all will come through.

Download the book here and start reading immediately.

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