Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sin in the Family

"…on hearing this, he pushes his cock deeper into the old woman’s cunt.  His hard sausage is now inside the softness of her cunt right up to its hilt.  Despite this, there is still a lot of space inside that hot orifice.  Even more surprisingly is the fact that her cunt is so tight and very accommodating to his cock.
He takes his cock out of the old woman’s pussy and then he turns her around on her back.  She automatically opens her legs up for him under the blankets.  He immediately positions himself on top of her, feeling safe and comfortable between her open legs, before pushing his cock back into that nice, very warm orifice between her legs.
His aunt holds tightly onto his broad back as they both start fucking again.  She moves her hips strongly and urgently up at him, with the intention to take him as deep as possible into her much neglected cunt.  He is pushing down into her with all the power that he can muster, while utter joy ripples through his body.
Stuart now fucks the old woman hard and fast, while sweat breaks out all over his body.  The rain sounds nice on the zinc roof and he loves it.  Inside the room it is sweaty and hot as he fucks the old woman under the blankets.  The room is pitch-dark and except for the hard rain falling on the roof, the only other sound is the mighty creaking of the old bed under them.  If there were any other people in the house, they would surely have heard them by now, so they are lucky there are none.
And then, while still driving his hard spike with great urgency in and out of the old woman’s cunt, he suddenly feels her climax surging through her body.  This is a first for him.  A first for him to bring an old woman to a shuddering sexual climax.  He enjoys this as much as she is.  Her old soft body goes all stiff, while a hot shudder runs through her.  Her movement is so strong that she lifts his full weight with her climaxing body.  And then she falls back onto the bed again.  Totally spent and satisfied.  Her breathing returns to normal as she gives a loud sigh of satisfaction."

Eight super-hot sketches filled with the most exciting, most lust inducing erotica ever created for general consumption. 

Get your copy as soon as possible.

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