Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mother's Dilemma

The older woman is mad with lust now.  She can’t understand how it came to this, but she knows it is wrong and says:

“Let’s stop here, Luan.  Let’s not go any further.  We are going to burn in hell for this.  Please.  This is not the right thing to do.”

He notices that even as the words leave her mouth, her hand is on his hard cock, lightly masturbating it.  It is very clear that her spirit is unwilling, but her body simply doesn’t care.  
Her body desperately wants his huge and very hard manhood deep inside of her.  He knows that there is nothing that is going to stop them doing the dirty deed now.  She already went through a series of orgasms and her body lusts for that final, master of all orgasms now.

Luan doesn’t say anything. He knows saying anything now, will spoil the whole thing.  He now simply moves the older woman's legs even further apart, there where she lies over their sofa.  Then he positions himself between them.  Although she says she doesn’t want to do it, she is the one that pulls his big cock towards her very hot slit.  She is doing nothing to stop him.

Like Luan said; there is no stopping this now.

…then he feels that heavenly feeling as his cock arrives just in front of the woman’s cunt.  He always likes this part.  Right there, in front of the pussy, he can feel the streams of incredible heat washing over it.  It feels as if a fire is burning on the inside of that sweet motherly vagina.  It is like that with all women, but it seems to be even stronger in this one.  He is in love with this pussy.  

This is a sin, but who can resist it?

He knows he can't wait any longer.  That pure heavenly feeling moves through him, like burning electricity, as his cock slides into the older woman's slippery birth canal.  

The feelings, the emotions, that flow through his body are something he never experienced before.  It sits in his throat like a nice lump and it sends sweet shocks all over his body, filling him with an unknown bliss.  This is the most forbidden act in the world and he is actually doing it.  He read about it a lot, but never even imagined that he would do it in real life.  His cock is now inside that taboo vagina and he had already started fucking her.

He notices how the forty nine year old woman pretends not to like it, but her body shows her true feelings.  There is no denying it.

Mother's Dilemma, a super-hot erotic book that tells it like it is.  If you love erotica, if you love kinky incest, then you will love this books.  Download the book here.

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