This is a totally unstoppable type of lust.  Something he never felt before in his life.  This is real.  He just feels like fucking and fucking until there is nothing left inside of him.  There is no way of stopping it.

And still he is trying to rationalize it.  This is an old woman.  She must be in her seventies if he can believe his eyes and estimation.  Never before in his life did he lust after an old woman.  Never in his wildest dreams did he think of having sex with such an old woman. 

But here and now he was lusting after this old woman, like he never lusted after any woman before.  Just because she lifted her dress.  Her lifting her dress up like that made him horny within seconds.  Not even a beautiful young girl could succeed in doing that. 

This horniness can be because this is all so forbidden.  So this must be a dream.  And in a dream one can do anything that you want to, as there are no rules.  And in this dream, he wants to fuck this old woman, regardless of the consequences.

He moves his body against her and feels the soft warmth of her body.  His hands move over her nether regions and the first thing he feels is the soft velvety feel of her skin. God, an old woman is soft…and strangely warm.  This makes another wave of pure lust to move through him like an unstoppable fire.  Hell fire.  How on earth can this strange old woman have this kind of influence on him?  He wouldn't be able to stop himself, even if he wanted to.

She gives a strange laugh as he moves her against one of the walls in the alleyway, with the darkness now receding in the distance.

He takes his pants off completely, without even thinking about it.  The only thing that is filling his brain now is this pure lust that he feels as he handles her tender body.  There is no thought of danger or what if someone comes around the corner.  He is only thinking of fucking without regard of anything else.

And his cock is stretched out full length and as hard as iron.  He was going to fuck this old woman and there is nothing he can do to stop himself.  Not that he wants to stop himself.  He can feel that this is going to be the best ever.

The alley way is strangely quiet with some light coming from somewhere; causing him to see the sparse environment around him.

She is now standing against the wall, with her back towards him.  She must be very lusty herself, because she is already rubbing her soft velvety skin against him, stimulating his cock to high heaven.  This is good.  He feels with his hands around her body to the front, feeling her hairy slit.  This causes another surge of pure lust to move through his body.

His hard cock is in the warm crack of her ass and his hips are already pushing it in and out.  With his hands he feels around for the opening of her vagina.  He finds it in quick time.  It is hot and very wet.  God, this old woman is as lusty as any young girl would be under the same circumstances.  He always saw old women as sexless and it is clear there is still a lot he still needs to learn.

With his hand he now maneuvers his cock into the old woman's waiting vagina.  As his cock slides easily into her it is as if he is moving into cock heaven.  Never in his life did he feel such nice warmness, such silky smoothness and such heavenly softness surrounding his cock.  He starts fucking her at great speed immediately; definitely not thinking of any consequences.  All he wants to do now is to fuck this old woman to the best of his ability.

"Oh, gad, Mama...you have a nice little fat pussy..."  He says breathlessly into her ear as he fucks her hard.  Her well rounded ass is moving hard and fast against him, urging him in deeper into her secret recesses.  She doesn't answer, but just smiles and breathes as hard and fast as he is.  Her pussy is giving off lubricating juices like crazy.

He holds strongly onto her hips as he fucks away into her cunt.  Bringing incredible joy to the both of them.  He just fucks and fucks as the strange heavenly feeling surges through his whole body.

Her breathing comes out loud and erratic now.  It seems to be vibrating right through this strange alley, almost making it seem as if it is in his head.

And then he feels his climax approaching.

"Oh god...oh god...I'm going to cum...I'm going to cum inside you, Mama...” he exclaims excitedly.  He holds tighter onto her hips now, fucking with great speed, really not caring about anything else but depositing all his sperm into her cunt in great, relieve bringing spurts.

And then he is there.

The joy explodes through his whole body as his thick seed explodes from his cock, straight into the strange old woman's cunt.  She just wriggles her nice soft ass against him as if urging him to deposit even more of the life giving juices into her.

A strange kind of satisfaction spreads over him, filling his body with bliss.  This is something he never felt before.  It is as if he is drifting in space, right between heaven and hell.  He simply never wants this joy to end.  Never before in his life did a good fuck satisfy him like this.

With both of them satisfied now, the old woman releases her dress and allows it to fall back over her privates.  She looks up at him with a smile on her face.

"You are protected against the dark man now.  But that protection comes at a price."

He knew it.  He knew there was some catch somewhere. 

"What?"  He asks as he looks at her.  The darkness on the one end had now receded completely.

"Don't worry.  You will immediately know when the time comes."

He suddenly grabs a hold of her.  He wants the truth.  What is all this and how did he get here?

You can continue reading here or here.

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